Acts of Kindness Spread Across Airports for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a big travel day, especially across the United States. Whether it’s people traveling to visit their significant others or heading off on romantic trips- the airports and highways are busy around this time. That’s why the food service company HMS Host decided to go above and beyond to make travel more fun on this day.

The company is responsible for food service in many airports and rest stops all across the country. For Valentine’s Day, they wanted to do something extra special in order to spread some cheer. The company launched a “Share Your Love” campaign. The campaign encouraged travelers to perform acts of kindness towards their fellow travelers.

HMS Host provided small cards that people could pick up to participate in the campaign. Each card had a kindness mission written on it. The missions were small acts designed to spread joy; like buying coffee or small gifts, even sitting down for a meal with another traveler. They had these cards in several international airports across the U.S. In addition, the company also provided message boards, which held Valentine’s Day cards for sick children. They encouraged travelers to write kind messages by offering them a chocolate bar and a 15 percent discount.

HMS Host planned to deliver the cards to children’s hospitals after the campaign was over. The company was so committed to spreading some happiness that they also included a social media version of “Share Your Love.” Even people who weren’t in airports were able to make posts of their random acts of kindness with the #HMSHostLove hashtag. All posters were also entered into a contest for a $500 gift card as an extra incentive. The company believed that the world could always use a little extra positivity. That’s why they launched this campaign for travelers.

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