Amazing Attractions to Visit in Taiwan

Raohe Night Market

Taiwan is known for its fantastic cuisine tourists travel from all over the globe to experience the plethora of flavors. The night markets that are cluttered throughout this tropical country are not only cheap and easily accessed, but they are also delicious. The Raohe night market, located in the Songshan District in Taipei, is one of the many night markets that offer delicious, cheap eats, which can make you fall in love with the country.

Being one of the oldest and most famous night markets, it offers travelers an authentic experience of the local culture. While tourists frequent these grounds, most of the customers are locals that live in the neighborhood, as many eat there daily. There is an abundance of food for you to try, many of which are traditional dishes that separate the Taiwanese cuisine with their Mainland Chinese neighbors. Many street vendors sell dishes similar to Chinese cuisine, yet with a twist. For example, Stinky Tofu, being one of the most infamous Chinese eats, is commonly sold throughout the night market. Even though this dish originates from China, the Taiwanese street vendors also provide pickled cabbage alongside it, which differs from the usual, traditional way that it is commonly served.

Wufenpu Shopping District

Located in the Da’an district of Taipei, Wufenpu is one of the trendiest areas of the city. Wufenpu is the largest garment district in Taipei. This shopping district is stocked full of garments and any other articles of clothing you can imagine. It offers mostly women’s apparels and accessories, but there is still such a wide selection that anyone can find garments that fit their desires. It is also extremely affordable, so shoppers can come and go with a full wardrobe in hand if you have a few hours to spare.

Wufenpu is also very time accessible as they usually stay open until there are no customers left in the area. The shops in the district commonly open in the early afternoon, staying open between 10 pm and midnight. On Mondays, the shops are busy collecting garments from outside vendors to restock for the week, so Tuesdays are the best days to visit so that you can have the best selection in stock. Sundays are when the shops provide discounts on any unsold garments so if you’re looking for a steal you should make an appearance then. This shopping district is one of Taipei’s unique attractions, and you must visit if you’re into excellent clothing selection and astounding deals.


Just a 2-hour drive from Taipei lies the magical town Jiufen. Once a small gold mining town, Jiufen has become a popular tourist destination due to its charming ambiance and beautiful scenery. The town inspired the deserted city from the award winning animated movie “Spirited Away” and has attracted flocks of visitors that travel through the old stone roads of the inner streets. Inside this charming town, there is a district known as Jiufen Old Street.

In this district, there are various street vendors, shops, and gorgeous views of the mountains and the sea below. The food stalls serve an abundance of dishes, many specific to the surrounding area. You can grab a savory Taiwanese sausage on the go at a local street vendor, or an ice cream roll from A-Zhu Peanut Ice Cream Roll to treat yourself with a sweet snack. While the Old Street specializes in cuisine, the district is packed with clothing stores and other various locally-made gifts and souvenirs. There is even a bathhouse that replicates the bathhouse from “Spirited Away”. Jiufen is a unique spot you must visit while exploring around the outskirts of Taipei.

Taiwan is bursting with activities and locations to visit, so make sure you step foot in these unique locations to make the most out of your trip.

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