Balancing Cell Phones and Travel

One of the best things about modern travel is also one of the worst. That thing is smartphones. It’s pretty rare to find a person who doesn’t own a smartphone nowadays, especially when it comes to travelers. The amazing thing about these devices is that they make travel a lot easier and ensure that you don’t have to pack as much stuff. However, smartphones absolutely have a downside- they’re addictive! It’s so easy to get caught up in the endless scrolling or obsess over getting a perfect snapshot. Keep reading to find out how to balance the benefits of your smartphone without getting too caught up in the negative aspects.


In order to use your cell phone responsibly and adequately, it’s important to notice just how much it can do for you. You may be so used to having a smartphone that you don’t even know what the alternative would be. Once you know exactly why your smartphone is useful, it becomes much easier to use it just for those purposes. Here are some of the most important uses:

• Maps: Without access to detailed maps and directions on your smartphone, you’d have to carry around large paper maps and figure out exactly what areas you need to know about. Having a smartphone makes it easier to decide on the go and figure things out as you move along.
Translations: While in foreign countries, it’s common to encounter people who don’t speak your language. This can pose a significant barrier, but luckily, your smartphone offers a solution to that as well.
Camera: For everyone who isn’t a professional photographer or a photography enthusiast, smartphone cameras are usually enough to capture all the best moments of your travel. Rather than having a large camera bag to carry around, all you need is your phone.


Now that you know just how useful smartphones are for travelers, it’s time to recognize how the negative aspects can outweigh some of the benefits. Most of the negative aspects of having a smartphone during travel come from overuse. Sometimes it’s hard to put your phone down and enjoy the moment. Check out some of the easiest ways to get sucked in and how to avoid getting caught in these traps:

• Social Media: If you’re traveling in a beautiful place, of course, you’re going to want to share that with your friends and family. There’s nothing wrong with sharing on social media, but the problem arises when that becomes all you think about. Instead of thinking in terms of what photos you want to post, take photos that you love and then give yourself some time to go on social media. Set a designated social media limit, like once a day or even once a week.
• Dependence: There’s no reason not to use the incredible tools that your phone has to offer. However, it’s also important to be able to function without them. If your phone is dead, be sure you are still able to figure out how to get home, how to communicate, and how to stay safe. Don’t depend on your phone for absolutely everything.

In conclusion, smartphones are an incredibly useful tool. It’s important to remember that they are just that, though- a tool. Your life doesn’t depend on your smartphone, and it’s better to experience moments and sights rather than worry about capturing them. Technology has a place in the world of travel, but it’s important not to overestimate it. Use your smartphone for all the things it should be used for, don’t catch yourself looking down more than you look up.

Engaging Sentence: Smartphones and travel are one dynamic pair. But, how does one figure out how to balance the two properly while on the go?

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