The Best Jobs for World Travelers and Backpackers

For some people, a vacation every once in a while simply isn’t enough. With the travel industry constantly expanding and making travel easier, there are more and more people choosing to travel long-term. Whether it’s a six-month adventure or a one-way flight with no plans to settle down- world travelers are all over the place. The thing about long-term travel is that a lump sum of savings usually isn’t enough. Saving for several years only gets you so far, and if you want to keep traveling, you need to find some work away from home. This is definitely a daunting task, especially since every country has different regulations and types of opportunities available to foreigners. Keep reading to find the easiest ways to get the coolest jobs abroad.

Food Service

The top job that foreigners get while abroad are jobs in food service. There are constantly restaurants, bars, and hotels hiring all around the world. One of the nice things about working in food service abroad is that any experience you have from home is easily transferable. This goes especially for international chain restaurants. Not to mention, many hostel bars and restaurants are used to having travelers stay and work with them. It’s worth inquiring at your accommodation whether they are hiring before even beginning to search for a job. Easy certifications like bartending or food safety go a long way all around the world.

Teaching English

Asia is a popular destination for travelers, and it has a ton to offer. The continent is also full of amazing opportunities in the domain of language teaching. There are many schools and private tutors that hire native English speakers, even those with no teaching experience. Plus, getting a TEFL certificate is easy, and it can really expand your job opportunities all around the world. English teachers are in demand almost everywhere but particularly in Asia and South America. If you’re really serious about traveling for a long term, English teaching is an amazing way to do so and make a living at the same time.


What better job for a traveler than a job in the travel industry? Working at places like travel agencies, airports, and hotels are great ways to get experience and get jobs where you don’t necessarily need to know the local language. Many tourist destinations have opportunities to guide pub crawls and walking tours. These are great jobs since they usually pay in cash, and they are a great way to meet other travelers while getting to know the area.


Working in agriculture may not seem like a typical job or the most fun. However, there are many countries where it is the easiest sector for travelers to work in. Many farmers hire foreigners and travelers to work since it’s cheaper, and it’s easy to do service exchanges. Check out sites like Workaway and Worldpackers to find farmers all around the world who hire travelers for their work. Some great things about working in agriculture is that getting a visa is usually quite easy, and it’s also a fun way to get in shape!

In conclusion, working abroad takes a lot of effort, and there is generally a lot of learning to do. All the extra work is worth it, though, since it allows you to continue traveling for much longer periods of time. Not to mention, working in a new country offers a different insight into the culture and a whole new way to meet people and make friends. Working in a different country is something that every traveler deserves to try at least once.

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