Burning Love

While sailing around Australia, one man was on the trip of a lifetime that would change his entire life.

He was traveling with a group off the coast of the Whitsunday Islands, taking advantage of the good weather that had come across them that particular weekend. Originally, he was supposed to take the trip with two friends of his, but because of work related reasons, they cancelled.

In any case, this young man found himself on a boat cruising the islands all by himself touring the Gold Coast. He got onto his first ever catamaran cruise and decided to have an experience all by himself. He got himself some beers, got on the boat, and was on his merry way. What better way to make friends?

When he got onto the boat, everyone was already grouped into their friends. So he did what anyone else would do in that situation; he hung out by himself and enjoyed the view. It was stunningly beautiful; the water was a crystal clear and the sun shone off it radiantly. He began taking a bunch of pictures of the sea, so that he would not come off as too weird by trying to integrate in the groups.

He wanted to get a picture of the amazing island that came up behind them, but it was at a weird angle and he needed something to lean on. Suddenly he found a metal box he could prop himself onto in order to get the shops. So he placed both his forearms on it and began to take the shot. Within seconds, he realized what an awful mistake he had made. That was not a metal box. It was a small BBQ and it was on!

He screamed as soon as his arms hit the BBQ, and he recoiled immediately. This got the attention of everyone on the boat. The BBQ as it turns out, was extremely hot because it had been burning all day. The group had wanted to make a lunch on the boat, as they got closer to the islands. Unfortunately, no one had thought to mention it once everyone was on board or put some kind of sign up. Also, the BBQ was not obviously on so it was an easy mistake to make.

The pain was unbearable upon impact. Unfortunately, at first no one could see any of the burns, so people just assumed it would go away. He sat there silently in pain, not wanting to make a scene and also not being taken seriously. Eventually, his burns began to turn purple and people started to freak out.

They bandaged him up, but one girl on the boat caught his attention more than the others. She came over when she heard he had burnt himself. As it turned out, she had a special burn cream in her bag that she used for an old wound she had. The soothing cream was exactly what his arms needed in the summer heat. As she helped him get it on his arms, he could immediately feel himself begin to relax around her.

She seemed like a nice enough person. They began to talk, and it turns out she was from the same town that he was born in, a crazy coincidence this far out from South London! She helped him treat his wounds, and they started bonding over beers and the beautiful scenery around them. The ride around the islands lasted for a couple of hours, giving them plenty of time to recount stories.

As it turned out, she was on vacation with some friends and had decided to come out to this cruise last minute. It was by pure chance that the two of them had ended up on the same cruise because she was not going to even come in the beginning. He was glad that she did end up coming though. He got her phone number and they promised to stay in touch.

After touring the islands for a bit together, they sailed back to Sydney. Eventually, they had to part ways since their groups were going in entirely different directions. Though it’s uncertain what the future may hold, at the very least he has her contact information and they have an amazing story between them as to how they met.

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