Canmore’s New Sustainable Approach to Tourism

Located in the Canadian province of Alberta, the town of Canmore is one of the countries largest tourism hubs. Because Canmore rests in the famous Rocky Mountains, the town has become one of the most significant areas for outdoor tourism in Western Canada. Tourists come from all over the world to see the beautiful landscapes that surround Canmore. Being near the Rocky Mountains provides opportunities for Hiking, Skiing, Camping, and other outdoor activities.

The town council of Canmore has recently decided to accept a new ten-year plan from Tourism Canmore Kananaskis’. This plan aims to create a more ethical approach to the environment and economy. By introducing over 30 new initiatives, the project is going to address problems the town faces because of its large tourism industry. Part of this new plan is going to install a more inclusive tourism sector. The town council is now going to have roundtable conversations with its community to create a plan that serves more diverse needs. The ten-year plan is going to do this by encouraging more involved discussions with environmental and social organizations.

Canmore’s mayor, John Borrowman, has accepted the proposal that can address the overpopulation during its busiest seasons for tourism. Because Canmore is a small mountain town, the area deals with issues of overcapacity. The new tourism plan is going to have a more involved conversation with the residents of Canmore to ensure that there is a successful response to the tourist surplus. In the next ten years, the municipal government of Canmore is going to be implementing more social policies, which are going to redefine the current tourist situation to include more input from Canmore’s existing communities. Canmore knows that tourism is not going to disappear, so these new policies are trying to create a more inclusive discussion that can address the problems of overpopulation.

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