The Cheapest Countries to Travel to as a Tourist

Traveling to a new destination can be a costly endeavor if you have not thoroughly researched the prices for your new location. Every country in the world has different rates that their housing is priced at, so it is essential to familiarize yourself with the various economies. Many people love to travel, but they also want to visit places that are affordable and within their budget. Many beautiful destinations in the world are great if you are looking to moderate your financial spending. Here are some of the cheapest, and most exciting places in the world that have great sights to see.


Vietnam is one of the lushest countries in the world. It also has some of the cheapest accommodations and cuisines that are incredibly affordable for travelers. Visitors and locals can purchase full meals for less than two dollars. Travelers can also maneuver the local landscape by motorcycle at meager prices. Vietnam is known to be one of the cheapest countries in the world and is perfect for people looking to see unique culture, landscape, and water sources. Many tourists have cited that daily expenses in Hanoi can be as cheap as 30 American dollars per day.


Taiwan has some of the best street food in the entire world. Not only does the East Asian country have great food, but it is also some of the cheapest and most delicious cuisines in the world. The food in Taiwan is very diverse and can satisfy many different appetites at a reasonable rate. Taiwan is also not one of the largest tourist cities, and many people visit for other reasons. This demographic makes it one of the best cities to visit as a traveler since there are a plethora of opportunities to visit exciting locales at fair prices. Shopping is also trendy in Taiwan, but the prices are very different than in US cities. Many tourists find that they can purchase entirely new wardrobes at affordable prices when visiting the East Asian country.


Many countries in Europe are costly to visit as a tourist, and this often deters many people from visiting. Romania is known for Dracula, but here are also many other beautiful and quaint towns and cities that draw thousands of tourists throughout the year. The country has much medieval architecture that is unique to the country. Romania has become known as one of the best places to visit in Europe if you are looking to save some money. The public transport in Romania is also one of the best and cheapest in Europe, so it is effortless to get around when traveling. Because Romania’s travel industry is beginning to thrive, there are many free opportunities to move around the country. This perk makes travel perfect for people who are looking to explore while saving some money.


Greece is one of the countries that you need to visit at least once in your lifetime. Luckily for travelers, Greece is also one of the cheapest places to visit in Europe. Although Greece is relatively inexpensive to visit, it is essential to remember that the summer months are prevalent for tourists. The best time to visit the country is right before or after the summer. Greece is also full of many natural markets that sell organic produce, which is sold at incredibly reasonable prices. Greece is also known to be one of the most hospitable countries in Europe, so if you are looking for great hotels and hostels that are cheap then you need to visit as soon as possible!

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