China’s Growing Air Travel Industry

China has one of the largest air travel industries in the world. Not only is it one of the largest, but it is also growing at the fastest rate. Statistics have shown that China is going to overtake the United States as the most significant air travel nation within the next two-three years.

Currently, China has over two hundred airports that transport Chinese citizens across the country and to other destinations abroad. Although this vast amount of airports may seem impressive, China is beginning to add more, to cater to an immense desire for air travel. Government officials estimate that within the next 15 years, China is going to build another 250 airports to satisfy the urge for more efficient air travel. Officials also predict that in 2035, China is going to become the nation that caters to 25 percent of the world’s entire flying customer base.

China aims to build more airports in the western regions of the country. The west area of China has fewer facilities and modes of accessibility. With the addition of a few new airports, business and tourism are going to be able to connect across the entire country.

Chinese officials have acknowledged that there is going to be many obstacles during the next few years of air travel development. One of these challenges is going to be a lack of potential staff. Chinese air staff and officials are retiring at a faster rate than being trained, so having the correct amount of trained staff in each airport is going to be a challenge.

If you are looking to travel abroad and within China, these improvements couldn’t come soon enough. The addition of many new airports to the Chinese and international public is going to increase flight efficiency and reduce wait times.

In times of insatiable desire for air travel, these new developments are going to allow for many new possibilities for local and international travelers.

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