Cruise Lines Develop Procedures in Case of Pirate Attacks

For anyone who grew up seeing pirates in movies and hearing dramatic tales of the seven seas, it can be difficult to keep in mind that pirates are real and they still exist today. However, for cruise companies, it’s absolutely necessary to keep that in mind and prepare for the very real danger of pirate attacks. That’s why Royal Caribbean and Princess Cruises have gone above and beyond to prepare their crew and passengers for a potential pirate attack.

Although pirate attacks are not common on massive ships, there are areas and channels in the ocean where attacks take place often. The two companies have decided to prepare for the worst and have procedures in place just in case a pirate attack was to happen. To do so, Princess Cruises developed pirate drills for the passengers aboard their 99-day round-the-world cruise. Their procedure calls for passengers to stow away in the most interior cabins of the ship if pirates come aboard. Royal Caribbean developed a similar procedure, calling their preparations Safe Haven drills. They instruct all their passengers to move inside the cruise ship and avoid windows or open areas if ever pirates come aboard.

Both companies are making an extra effort to ensure their passengers feel safe and well taken care of aboard their cruises. Royal Caribbean also announced the addition of more armed security guards on their ships to increase safety even more. Even before their pirate drills came into effect, Royal Caribbean was well aware of piracy risks. When their ship passed through the Gulf of Aden, a risky area known for pirates, they ensured that all lights were shut off and all curtains were closed to avoid drawing attention. Now, with the advent of these piracy drills and procedures, pirate attacks are less common than ever.

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