Dealing with Tourist Crowds

One unfortunate part of traveling is the constant battle of tourist crowds and throes of people. This is especially a nuisance when visiting common tourist destinations, capital cities, and popular stops. No matter where you go, you’re never the only one going there. Dealing with vast crowds of people is an annoyance, but there are easy ways to deal with it and avoid it. This article goes over all the best things for avid travelers to do in order to live with the frustration of tourist crowds.

# 1 – You’re Part of It

The first thing to do when you start to feel really annoyed about a crowded location is to realize that you are a part of the problem. The whole reason it’s crowded is that it’s a beautiful destination, and that’s the reason you’re there as well! Tourist crowds are not only frustrating for the people inside them, but they’re also a significant strain on the environment and the local people. Try to be aware of your impact and the part you play in the big crowds. Don’t litter, don’t shove people, and be respectful of lineups. If you start by doing the right things; hopefully the people around you do too.

# 2 – Pick Your Times

A big part of the reason crowds start building up is that everyone likes to go places at the same times. Most tourists head to the sights around mid-day when the sun is out, and they’ve had a chance to eat breakfast. If you want to beat the crowds, at least a little bit, consider going to the main attractions at different times. Wake up extra early to be the first ones there, or get a different perspective and go when it’s dark out later at night. Mixing up your times helps avoid the brunt of the crowds.

# 3 – Pick Your Places

If you really hate crowds, it might be a good idea to consider heading to less popular destinations. Many places around the world aren’t as well-traveled and are commonly less full of tourists. Some of the most crowded places include Paris, Vatican City, Rome, and attractions such as the Eiffel Tower, the Vatican, and the Colosseum in these locations. If you don’t really love a place or an attraction- don’t subject yourself to the crowds for no reason.

# 4 – Pay Extra

Getting an express pass or a guided tour of an attraction usually costs a little bit of extra money. However, getting to skip the line is sometimes worth the money. Consider the value of your time and just how long and intense the lines are at your destination of choice. It might really be worth the extra cost to spend much less time waiting or stuck in the middle of a crowd.

# 5 – Book Ahead

Booking ahead is a possibility if you’re visiting specific attractions and places that necessitate entrance like museums and historical buildings. In this case, take to the internet before you go there and see if there are any options to book ahead. Even if you can’t book ahead, doing a little research beforehand never hurts. Little things like printing your tickets at home or getting an online discount can help you avoid hassle when you arrive at the destination.

In conclusion, the most crucial part of dealing with crowds is definitely accepting that they exist. There’s no way to avoid crowds entirely, and you’re a part of the crowd in the end. However, using these tips gives travelers simple ways to avoid the worst of it and smoothly handle the situation.

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