Don’t Miss Your Chance to See a 25-Foot Jeff Goldblum in London

Jeff Goldblum has quite the reputation. Nerds and geeks alike have claimed him as one of their own, thanks to roles in major film franchises the Marvel movies. The actor has a series of diehard fans who put him into memes, praise his oddities, and relish every moment he is on screen. He’s probably most known for his role as Dr. Ian Malcom in the 1990s classic dinosaur thriller Jurassic Park and its sequels. To honor Goldblum, and to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the first Jurassic Park film, a 25-foot statute of Goldblum has appeared in the British capitol.

The Statue

The statue itself is very impressive. It recreates a scene in which Goldblum appears bare-chested and has frequently appeared in memes and “Thirsty Thursday” stories ever since. Despite being chased by dinosaurs, Dr. Ian Malcom definitely needed some steamy action, and was eager to do what it took. In the years since the movie has been released, Goldblum has told various news outlets that the script didn’t specifically ask him to unbutton his shirt, but that he thought it would make the scene more believable. Thousands of fangirls and fanboys across the globe thank him.

The Park

This 25-foot Jeff Goldblum was installed not by a superfan, but by SkyTV’s subscription service called NowTV, which is currently airing previously released Jurassic Park movies. Sky is one of the UK’s most popular television stations and service providers. The massive statute took their artists over six weeks and more than 250 hours of work to complete, finally weighing in at 331 pounds. It was placed at a park near the iconic Tower Bridge, making sure that anyone who captured an image got a piece of London in the background.

Other Attractions

While locals are torn on the usefulness and appropriateness of the statue, with several opt eds saying it should be removed immediately and others praising Sky for their innovating advertising, tourists seem to universally love this statute. As soon as it was unveiled, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram were filled with avid fans asking for advice on how to book a last-minute trip to see this statute. As mentioned, it is located near the Tower Bridge, putting you close to numerous historic sites, such as Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, and the Tower of London.

There are a ton of things to do in this magical British city, including visits to the House of Parliament, Hyde Park, the London Eye, and numerous museums. Come for Jeff Goldblum and stay for the beauty and culture that London can provide.

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