Drunk Booking The Trip of a Lifetime

Everyone has done silly things when they are drunk. It’s a natural thing to be a little silly when you have one too many drinks. But nothing compares to what this man, one Jamie Ather, of Scotland did when he had a little too much one weekend out. He had been hoping to have a normal weekend out and decided to hit the clubs in Glasgow.

The night started out normal enough, with plenty of beer and wine to spare. Jamie had had a couple of drinks, but as the night went on, he kept on ordering pint after pint. This was not the first time he had been out on the rodeo. At some point, he began drinking and the night began to blur. The rest of the night is a blur from then on. He assumed that as per usual, he got drunk, said some and did some stupid things, and stumbled home to his flat to sleep off the inevitable hangover the next morning. When he got up, he found something much different than he expected.

He did not check his email after waking up, as he usually did. Instead, he tended to his hangover and only later on that night did he get around to it. There, he found a confirmation email. Surely it was addressed to him by mistake. He checked out the text. There was no mistake, this was a confirmation email addressed to him by name and email address. For what exactly? A giant trip to Rio. There was a round trip ticket purchased with his information and passport details ready to go in a month or so. What in the world was this? He was taken aback at what had taken place. Jamie had absolutely zero memory of ever booking this trip.

It’s not like he had the money for it either. He turned down a bunch of plans that year because he had just blown all of his money on a trip to Las Vegas. That did not stop drunk him from making the decision of a lifetime. The trip was booked and unable to be canceled. The 24-hour window had passed by the time he had seen the email. He told his father, who was less than pleased with the ordeal.

Jamie figured he could just let it go and lose the $800 he put in for it. People were warning him about the safety issues in Brazil at the moment and whether it was worth it to go. Finally, after listening to lectures from his parents and friends, he decided to throw their words to the wind and take the trip. He not only stopped in Brazil; he decided to throw himself a giant South America trip.

He went to Igauzu Falls that hugs the Argentinian/Brazil border. He planned a giant trip of nature and hiking throughout the entire country. He even went over for a bit to Peru while he was there and hiked the trail all the way up to Machu Picchu. And the nature was not the only thing he enjoyed while he was in the city. He got the full tourism experience, going to every museum and restaurant he could get to while he was in Rio. He partied while he was at Copacabana and ended up having so much fun.

He was able to do a full vacation once the ticket was booked. Everything else just fell into place. He decided not to let his apprehension in the beginning taint the experience for him. In the end, he regretted nothing about the way he bought the tickets. Whereas he used to have a fear of hiking and heights, he was able to get over it while he was there.

His drunken mistake must have just been the expression of his sober wishes. People put so much emphasis on the fear they have of going places but when he was able to give himself a push, he realized that there was much of the world that he had not seen yet. If there is one thing he has taken from this entire experience, it’s the fact that there is never the right time to book a trip but there is never a wrong time either. He truly feels this experience has made him a better person. And if nothing else, it makes for a great drunken story. Certainly much better than any bar fight or bathrooms he may have ruined on any other night.

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