Easiest Foods to Make While Traveling

One of the quickest and easiest ways to save a little bit of money while traveling is to opt for grocery shopping and meal preparation. Rather than eating out at restaurants regularly, cooking your meals ends up being much cheaper. But there are problems with cooking on the go as well. The meals need to be easy to transport, easy to prepare, and not easily spoiled. Depending on a kitchen at every turn isn’t ideal, and neither is packing a bunch of reusable containers. This article goes over all the foods for travelers that don’t turn meal prep into a massive hassle.


Rather than shell out for a pre-made sandwich at a restaurant or café, find the local grocery store or market instead. Sandwiches are perfect for travelers for many reasons. First of all, the ingredients are all usually sold in small quantities. That means you don’t have to worry about things going bad. You are able to purchase enough for a couple of days without going overboard. Second, they don’t necessitate much prep work. You can prepare a sandwich with just the use of a knife in most instances. It’s perfect for when your hostel doesn’t offer a kitchen to work with. Sandwiches may sound boring, but it’s actually pretty easy to recreate the same kinds of things you would otherwise buy at a restaurant.

Rice & Pasta

If you have a hot plate at your hostel, rice is the way to go. Rice and other grains are incredibly cheap, and they fill you up for a long time. Even if your accommodation only has a kettle or a microwave, instant rice is a perfect option. It doesn’t have to be bland! Mix rice with your favorite sauces, some vegetables or even eggs on the side. Rice and other grains are a blank slate to add whatever flavors you prefer. Pasta is very similar. It’s super easy to make and is filling. The nice thing about pasta is that with different sauces, you won’t get sick of eating it more than once.


Buying meat or fish while traveling doesn’t make a lot of sense. It goes rancid easily, and it’s more challenging to cook, especially if you don’t have access to a traditional kitchen. Tofu, on the other hand, is sold pre-cooked and really just needs to be warmed up. Cooking with tofu is another easy way to fill up without spending a fortune. It’s a great blank slate to add lots of different flavors into. Cooking tofu in a pan or in the microwave with any sauce allows it to absorb the sauce’s flavor.

Raw Foods

A simple way to at least reduce the amount of time you eat out is to eat raw foods like fruits, veggies, and nuts. It’s so easy to buy all of those things at grocery stores and markets. They don’t necessitate any cooking, and they’re extremely healthy. Opting to snack on foods like this throughout the day is already a great way to stop spending so much when you do sit down for a meal. There are also many simple ways to enjoy fruits and vegetables as meals themselves. Salads with just fresh vegetables and a couple of spices are easy to make and require nothing more than a knife.

In conclusion, there are many ways for travelers to save money on food while traveling. It doesn’t just have to be eating plain bread or only vegetables. There are easy ways to stay creative, healthy, and within the budget with these on the go meals. Just start with the basics!

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