What to Eat in New Orleans

Planning a getaway to New Orleans? Then you are in for a real treat! This great city located alongside the Mississippi River is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the culture of a vibrant people. Furthermore, New Orleans cuisine is something that can’t be missed while you visit. The world-class fare is heavy with influences not just from the United States but around the world. While there is an endless list of foods that you can go through, this list focuses on what you must eat when you visit this town. Your taste buds are going to thank you!


Boudin is a pork sausage that uses heart and liver meat to create a sensational food. The pork casing is the perfect setting for such a treat. It creates a crispy outer shell that holds the meat of the sausage. Depending on the restaurant you visit, the organ meat is also mixed with a spicy and seasoned rice that compliments the taste well.

You may need to step outside the box when it comes to eating Boudin, but you are not going to regret it. The sausage is usually fried, braised, or simmered in a broth. You can get the sausage by the link or try boudin balls. Add a bit of mustard on the side, and you are going to be begging for more.

Po Boy

A Po Boy sandwich should bee the official food of New Orleans. It is a hearty hoagie that is built upon a foundation of French bread. The crispy crust is the perfect texture for such a large sandwich. The fillings of the Po Boy range from seafood to meat. You can have almost anything put in there. If you are planning on going the traditional route, choose a seafood sandwich with fillings of either fried shrimp, crab, or fish.

If you want to try meat, chicken, Louisiana sausage, and beef are commonly chosen as well. It all depends on your preference. One sandwich is not better than another. You can also dress the Po Boy in different ways. Some eateries pour a tasty gravy on the sandwich while some add vegetables, fries, or hot sauce. You can mix and match how you see fit. You can’t go wrong with this one.


We need to travel east for this fine food. Pho is a soup from Vietnam that is made from rice noodles and broth. Not only is it tasty, but it is also very filling and healthy if you are looking for a sensible meal. If you didn’t know, there is a huge Vietnamese community in New Orleans, and they have brought their cuisine to the forefront.

Some of the New Orleans restaurants that have pho on their menu have really taken the soup up to the next level. There are layers of flavor here that can’t be experienced anywhere else in the world. Some world class chefs have found ways to fuse unconventional meats such as pork belly and duck with the rice noodle. The result is fantastic. There is also vegetarian pho which uses a variety of vegetables to create a flavorful masterpiece. Chicken, beef, and other traditional meats are also seen making their way onto tables across the city.


If you are looking for a cold and sweet treat while you are here, you are in luck. Once you taste a snowball, you are going to be coming back for more. The recipe is simple but packs a tasty punch. The shaved ice is the main star of this dessert. The ice is then mixed with a cane sugar syrup and in some cases condensed milk.

You are going to notice that there are a lot of little shops that carry these cold treats. The menu is long with different flavors. You can choose one flavor such as strawberry, raspberry, or lemon. You can even mix and match flavors if you wish. If you want to have more fun with it, there are also toppings that can be mixed into the snowball. Marshmallow, whipped cream, and fruit are just a few of the foods you can enjoy with your dessert.

Fried Chicken

Since New Orleans is located in the south, it is no surprise that they know their way around chicken. Their fried chicken in particular is to die for. A lot of the places that serve New Orleans style chicken use family recipes that have been passed down for multiple generations. The efforts are on full display after you take your first bite.

New Orleans put their own twist with their signature herbs and spices. When mixed with the flour and fried, the result is life changing. The fried chicken here is plump and juicy whether you prefer white or dark meat. Pair the chicken with some southern sides such as gumbo, wild rice, or mashed potatoes and gravy, and you are going to be left completely satisfied.


New Orleans seafood is some of the best around. Gumbo is a stew that takes this seafood and makes it into an unforgettable meal. Gumbo is based around a flavorful broth, called a roux. The liquid is then mixed with vegetables that include peppers, onions, and celery. From there, the meat that is used varies.

Traditional gumbo uses seafood such as shrimp, crawfish, and crab. There is also chicken and sausage gumbo that is just as flavorful. A scoop of rice is commonly added to the thick roux and everything is eaten together. The comforting stew has become a staple in New Orleans cuisine, and there’s no doubt as to why.

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