An Exciting Solo Trip to Hong Kong

As an experienced traveler, I have seen a lot of countries over the years. Each one has a special place in my heart for different reasons. Most recently, I took a trip abroad to a territory I had never had the pleasure of experiencing before—the island of Hong Kong! I decided to book the trip on a whim when I happened to come across a brochure in my travel agent’s office. The pictures were beyond amazing, and I just knew I had to see the beautiful land for myself.

Touch Down

When I landed at Hong Kong International Airport, I was impressed. It is a huge place that sees thousands of flights come and go at any time. Walking through the terminals, I noticed how neat and clean everything was. If you had to spend your time at any airport, I suggest this one!

The airport isn’t just a place to wait around for the next plane, there are exhibits, shops, and restaurants that fill the space. You can spend a whole day there if you wanted to and not run out of things to look at. I got my luggage and made why to the transportation zone. It was just a brief wait until I was on my way to my hotel.

A Beautiful Drive

The first thing I noticed when I came out of the airport was the humidity. Hong Kong is known for their warm weather, and I got to experience the heat first hand. It was not uncomfortable, but it made me happy I packed my lighter clothes for this excursion. As I was taken away, I immediately saw tall skyscrapers and busy streets everywhere. If you like non-stop action, this place is for you!

There were also scenic hills that were just along the waterfront. It was the best of everything. I didn’t know where to look first. Pulling up to my hotel, I was impressed with the architecture. The buildings in Hong Kong weren’t hastily constructed by any means. There was beauty everywhere I turned.

Balcony View

As I entered my room, I saw how lucky I truly was. The hotel had a spectacular view of the city. There were big and beautiful skyscrapers everywhere. I heard cars and trucks whizzing by and saw locals and tourists walking from one place to the next. The balcony easily became my favorite part of my hotel room. I started my days looking out to the city and came back to see it lit up at night.

I knew I had to get down to the hustle and bustle of the city. Since it was better for me to walk from place to place, I made sure I wore my comfortable walking shoes for the rest of the afternoon. I was happy I did too! The streets were busy with people and cars. Navigating my way through the area in uncomfortable shoes was not going to make for a good experience.

Sights and Sounds

Before I left the hotel, I asked the front desk for ideas on where to head to. When I booked this trip, I made sure to leave each day open ended. I wanted to experience the authentic Hong Kong and hoped to be taken off the beaten path at times. I first went to one of the many street markets this place has. The market I walked up to was full of little knick knacks that were perfect for souvenirs.

I spent well over two hours there and built up quite an appetite. When it comes to food, I love to taste new things, so I was on the look out for a non-chain type eatery that looked to serve amazing food. I saw one several streets over and asked the owner to give me his customers’ favorite dish. It was an amazing array of seafood and rice. The spices that were used were out of this world, and I was thankful in that moment that I got to experience such a treat.

An Amazing Experience

The rest of the trip was just as memorable. Each day I did something unplanned that totally swept me off my feet. One of my most favorite experiences was when I went to Victoria Peak. It is located on the highest point of Hong Kong, and the views are breathtaking. There are numerous places to take a look at the large island, including observation decks and towers.

Another fun day I had was at Nan Lian Garden. It is a large public park that was created in the style of the Tang Dynasty. It was so peaceful there and is a hidden gem amongst the tall skyscrapers. As I walked the winding pathways, I could smell the beautiful flowers that lined the walkway and soaked in the bubbling waters that were in the middle of the grass. Everything was so manicured here, it felt like a dream. I came here more than once after a busy afternoon of sightseeing.

Rich with History

Hong Kong is an island that is rich with history. It is easy to find museums and exhibits that explain what type of place this really is. I did manage to visit the Hong Kong Museum of History to get to know the island a little bit better. The building is huge and explains all that there is to know about Hong Kong and its culture.

It takes a few hours to get through the museum, but it is well worth it. The exhibits are constantly changing, so if you go once a year, it is bound to be a new experience every time. When my week was up here, I didn’t want to go. It is a place I now recommend to all travelers.

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