Featured Destinations in Europe that Your Family Will Love

Europe is one of the most exciting destinations for family vacations. Few destinations can make your friends and families as jealous. There is just something about traveling such a great distance that makes people think your vacation cost far more than you actually paid. Regardless of your reasons for taking the family on this great voyage, rest assured that they will enjoy every minute of it. Here are a few destinations your family will brag about for years to come:

1.Manchester, England

If there are any football fans in your family, they will promise to love you forever in return for a trip to Manchester. In addition to being a football hub, it is also referred to as the catalyst of the Industrial Revolution. This city is still thus a thriving metropolis and filled with rich historical locations that your entire family will enjoy touring. The United Kingdom has opened its doors to the world and the result is a culture so diverse, it can readily represent almost every ethnicity you can imagine. This is reflected in the wide variety of food, music, and clothing that is at your disposal when you visit this city. Even the pickiest eater in your family will be able to find something they enjoy eating.

Children of any age will enjoy a trip to Chester Zoo. This zoo features a variety of animals from across the globe and the interactive tour will help your children learn to love each and every one of them. Another exciting attraction for the entire family is the Play Factore. As the name suggests, this location is a unique combination of a playground made to look like an actual factory. A trip to the Play Factore can take all day because the location also features many family-friendly eateries, state of the art playrooms which include access to an iPad and a number of shopping areas. You will have a hard time getting your children to leave.

 2.Barcelona, Spain

Few people see Barcelona as a family-friendly vacation spot but that is probably because they cannot look past the parties held in this city and the wild nightlife. The truth is that Barcelona has a lot more to offer and the party life does not encompass the entire city.  Barcelona is also another football Mecca. Additionally, the entire city is filled with some of the most breathtaking art and architecture. Children are usually quite fascinated by the whimsical 42-acre amusement park and garden known as Parc Güell. Even the administrative buildings look like something out of a Dr. Seuss storybook.

Another great feature of this city is the amazing beaches. Chief among them is La Barceloneta Beach and no trip to Barcelona would be complete without a trip to this beach. La Barceloneta offers some of the most stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea. Your next stop should be the Picasso Museum. Your entire family will be guided through the museum which features thousands of pieces by the late artist.  It is exciting to see how his work progressed from very picturesque, reserved-looking pieces which he created at the start of his career, to the many abstract pieces which made him famous.


Amsterdam is another location many assume is not family friendly, but this could not be farther from the truth. Amsterdam is filled with fun activities your entire family can enjoy. One of the best features of this city is the fact that you all will be able to ride your bicycles to just about any location in town. Most roads will have a safe zone for bike riding and you can easily rent a few bikes from one of the many shops which offer this service.

Your family will also enjoy a tour of the Science Center NEMO. Any location named after a famous Disney character is sure to get your kids excited. This science center is one of the largest in the Netherlands and the experience will be unforgettable. It is always a win for parents when they find a way to make learning fun for their kids. You can also choose to go horse riding in Amsterdamse Bos or even take a boat ride through the canal.

Whichever city you decide to visit, don’t be afraid to explore the beauty of their culture. Help your child to appreciate what is unique about each location. You will be building lasting memories they will treasure forever.

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