Food Adventures – Exotic Fruits From Around the World

If you spend a lot of time researching what you’re going to eat before you arrange to visit a particular destination, chances are, you’re probably a foodie. Foodies, also known as food enthusiasts, continue to travel the world seeking to experience the variety of spices, flavors and aromas that make the destination unique. Travelling to experience new culinary expressions has thus become increasingly popular. Many have travelled very great distances in order to indulge in some of the strangest foods you can ever imagine. Perhaps one day you too will be to experience these exotic fruits as well.

Dragon Fruit – South and Central America

The Dragon Fruit is part of the cactus family and originates from South and Central America. It has become quite popular in Asian countries but is also becoming increasingly popular all around the world. The soft exterior of the fruit has little spikes that almost resemble the spikes on a very ripe pineapple. The skin is a brilliant shade of reddish, pink. You will need to slice through the bitter tasting skin in order to scoop out the slightly sweet white flesh, which is speckled with tiny, edible black seeds.

This delicious fruit is also packed with essential nutrients like calcium, protein and fiber. It is often regarded as a super food since regularly eating this fruit has been known to provide a host of medicinal benefits. The seeds are an excellent source of polyunsaturated fats such as amego-3 fatty acids. These fats have been known to reduce the risk of suffering from various forms of cardiovascular disease.

Amla – India

The Alma fruit is also known as gooseberries. These berries are native to the beautiful country of India and are rarely sold in the United States. Very few nations truly understand the outstanding medicinal properties of this delicious fruit. Alma contains far more vitamin C than oranges. This fruit also contains calcium and assists the body in absorbing this nutrient as well.

Açaí Berries – Brazil

Açaí Berries were first discovered deep in the Amazonian forest which is located in the Central American country of Brazil. This fruit has been praised for its ability to boost the immune system and improve energy levels. In fact, it is viewed as one of the most nutritional berries on the planet. One key nutrient found in Açaí berries is an antioxidant known as anthocyanins. This antioxidant is linked to healthy cholesterol levels.

Including Açaí berries in your diet will promote weight loss and healthy body fat distribution. The berries also contain phytochemicals which improves the health of your brain. Scientists have proven that this compound keep your brain from aging too quickly and improves your memory.

Lychee – China

Lychee is an exotic fruit that originates from the southern region of China. These delicious fruits have a very distinct reddish-brown skin and a lumpy exterior. Once you remove the skin, you’ll enjoy the clear jelly-like flesh inside this strange fruit. This fruit contains antioxidants so powerful, that studies have confirmed that eating lychees will help to prevent the growth and spread of breast cancer cell.

Guava – Mexico

Guava is another exciting fruit that you probably have not seen growing near your home. This fruit originated in Mexico. The best part about guava is that as the fruits ripen, you can smell its beautiful aroma from miles away from the tree. It is thus very easy to tell when guavas are ripe and ready to be eaten. The edible skin of the fruit is usually yellow, green, pink or a combination of those three colors.

The inside of the fruit is made up a layer of flesh beneath the skin and many tiny seeds in the centre. If you cut the fruit horizontally, the inside almost resembles a sliced tomato. The fruit has a very distinct sweet and tangy taste. Best of all, just one cup of this amazing fruit has more than the recommended daily allowance of vitamin C. A diet rich in vitamin C will result in a strengthened immune system and far less wrinkles.

Custard Apple – Ecuador

Custard apples are also called Cherimoyas. The easiest way for you to understand what this fruit tastes like, it so imagine making a smoothie with pineapples and bananas. The creamy consistency of the inside of the custard apple is also much like the consistency of a smoothie. This vitamin packed fruit prevents anemia and fatigue, provides relief from arthritis pain and even promotes healthy pregnancies.

These are just a few of the exotic fruits just that you will discover as you travel. Do not be afraid to try native fruits and other foods. While it is strongly encouraged that you take the necessary precautions like avoiding foods to which you may be allergic, you will create more unforgettable memories if you dive head first into exploring the food and culture of the country you visit next.

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