Four Great Tips for Dealing with Stress at Work

The human body is a complex vessel that responds in various ways to different stimuli. Stress is one such form of stimulus and the reaction depends on the type of stress presented. While stress in its most basic form (acute stress) is a positivie and necessary occurrence as it helps the body to make the necessary internal adjustments in sports, or to foster necessary “fight or flight” reactions, the real issue is chronic stress.

Chronic stress is the prolonged variation, and this is the type that you are most likely to experience asa result of various factors at work that present mental and physical pressure. This variation of stress is more dangerous as it constantly releases chemicals in your body that are only safe in short supply. This is why it is important to have proper mechanisms to deal with such stress or prevent it altogether. On that note, this article discussses four ways in which you can deal with stress in the workplace.

Taking a Few Deep Breaths

While you may question the effectiveness of this method due to its simplicity, taking a few deep breaths when you are beginning to feel overwhelmed is a great reset button. Simply stop what you are doing for a couple minutes, close your eyes, and deeply inhale the exhale about three times. This provides an air of calm and refocus for the body and prevents the starting of the release of the chemicals mentioned above.

Establish a Daily Schedule and Stick to It

This is another very useful technique for fighting against chronic stress. There are people in this world who live by their calendars on a daily basis, and doing so does a great job of keeping them grounded and feeling as if they are on top of their various tasks.

While you do not necessarily have to develop and live by a daily calendar on such a scale, it is recommended that you establish the important tasks that you need to achieve at wok on a daily basis to give yourself a roadmap to work with. Just by creating such a logical structure and sticking to it, your mind is less likely to fall into a stressful state as it can feel a certain sense of control that you have over the situation.

Listen to Understand

Particularly when humans become frustrated with a person or a situation, they no longer actively try to capture information in a logical way to make progress. When locked in a conversation where there may be a disagreement, persons start listening to other parties simply to get the chance to respond.

Whenever you begin feeling out of it, this is the time to find your calm and listen as you normally do to make sense of what other parties are saying so you can respond from a place of understanding. Essentially, your goal should be to understand then reply, as opposed to simply replying.

Proper Health and Nutrition Practices

In many cases, the body enters a state of chronic stress simply because it is not being maintained well. Nutrition and sleep go hand in hand with keeping the body energized and allowing it to reset when necessary. It is quite a common occurrence to become so engrossed in work, that employees delay their lunch and work on an empty stomach for quite some time. In a similar manner, employees compromise their sleep to get tasks done.

While the dedication is a remarkable quality to have, you start to experience diminishing returns the more you keep these kinds of behaviors up. Try to get in your rest and nutrition as much as is possible.


Chronic stress is dangerous and has adverse effects on the body. It is important to manage its presence at work and you can make use of the four tips above to mitigate it.

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