Where to Get the Best Chocolate Around the World

For many countries around the world, springtime and the Easter holiday comes with plenty of chocolate treats. For travelers who are left with a chocolate craving to fill, this article goes over some of the absolute best chocolate destinations around the world. Chocolate is an age-old treat that has been around for centuries. Back in 600 AD, Central Americans discovered what could be made out of the wild cocoa that is abundant in the tropics. Nowadays, chocolate is a worldwide sensation, and there are many destinations that specialize in creating the delicious treat.


Well-known for their chocolate fondue, Switzerland is home to some of the world’s top chocolatiers. Cailler is a Swiss chocolate manufacturer founded in 1819, and it’s the oldest in the country. Cailler’s son-in-law was even credited with the invention of milk chocolate years later in 1875. This brand of chocolate is not exported, so it’s a must-try while in Switzerland. Some other well-known brands of chocolate made in Switzerland are Lindt, Sprüngli, and Toblerone. There are plenty of chocolate adventures available for travelers in Switzerland, as well as tours of factories and behind-the-scenes looks at the creation of chocolate and confectionaries.


Another top chocolate destination in Europe, Belgian chocolate has taken the world by storm. Brands like Bruyerre and Godiva have their home in Belgium, but the most intriguing chocolatiers are the small, family-owned chocolate shops all around the country. Most Belgian chocolate shops are full of hundreds of varieties, chocolate sculptures, and different flavors. Belgium is best known for making truffles and pralines- small chocolate treats that are often sold by the dozen. Along with Switzerland, Belgium is one of the top chocolate producers in the world.

Costa Rica

Although Europe is well-known for its production of chocolate, the tasty treat did originate in Central America. Cocoa trees only grow in the tropics of the Americas and Africa, and some of the best and most experienced chocolatiers are found in these regions. Nahua Chocolate is the top chocolatier in Costa Rica, and it produces its goods using one specific type of cocoa bean. Costa Rica is a perfect place to get chocolate as close to the source as possible.


Another great stop for chocolate in South America, Ecuador is home to most of the world’s fine cocoa trees, set apart since they are the oldest variety in existence. The country is full of chocolate bars and small-time family chocolate shops. Pacari is one of Ecuador’s top chocolatiers, and it develops organic chocolate using only the finest cocoa beans. It focuses on making varieties of chocolate specifically based on the type of cocoa bean it starts with.

United Kingdom

One of the biggest chocolatiers in the world, Cadbury, was established in the city of Birmingham, England. The company quickly became the official chocolate supplier for Queen Victoria, and nowadays it is a household name. Later, Cadbury developed the Dairy Milk brand and helped popularize chocolate all across the Western hemisphere. Today, some of the most delicious chocolates are still made in England. Check out Cadbury World in Birmingham to discover how chocolate is made and to learn more about the history of chocolate in England and the world.

In conclusion, not all chocolate is made equal. All around the world, different countries and cultures have adapted unique ways of making the tasty dessert. These locations have all become experts in the art of making chocolate, and their fantastic chocolate proves it. They are the ideal destinations to head to for any food lovers or people who want to discover more about how chocolate is made.

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