Guide to Intriguing Tokyo Hotels

Japan is known around the world as a destination with plenty of interesting and quirky destinations. The capital, Tokyo, is famous for its interesting foods, restaurants, hotels, and even entire neighborhoods. One of the best things to experience in Tokyo is the quirky types of hotels that simply don’t exist anywhere else in the world. Japan is always innovating in the accommodation sector- from things like robot hotels and pod hotels, there’s simply no shortage of places to stay. Keep reading to find out all the coolest places to enjoy a night’s stay in Japan’s capital.

Nine Hours Hotel

One of the most popular types of hotels is capsule hotels. It’s exactly what it sounds like- rather than having an entire room to yourself; customers get small pods with just enough room for a bed. It’s called Nine Hours Hotel because what you pay for is exactly nine hours of a stay there. Customers get an hour to get ready for bed, seven hours to sleep, and an hour in the morning to get ready. There’s always the opportunity to pay for more hours, but nine hours is what you get for the basic rate. The experience of a capsule hotel is comparable to a hostel. However, the nice thing is a little bit of extra privacy. Everything in Nine Hours Hotel is extremely sleek, modern, and devoid of color. This all contributes to an aesthetic that makes you feel like you’re in a space ship.

Keio Plaza Hotel

What character comes to mind when considering Japan? One of the first ones definitely has to be Hello Kitty. Everything in Keio Plaza Hotel is themed around the adorable little kitten. Every room comes complete with Hello Kitty amenities that customers are even allowed to take home with them- the perfect souvenir of your trip to Tokyo.

Henn Na Hotel

Robot hotels sound like a fiction of the future, but the truth is that in Tokyo they really exist! The Henn Na Hotel operated with almost an entirely robot staff, some of which were designed to look like humans and even some robots. Unfortunately, the full robot staff didn’t last long as they were reporting more problems than solutions. Visitors to the Henn Na Hotel now find just a couple of robotic staff, at the front desk and in the rooms as little assistants. As the hotel solves more of their technical problems, they plan to reintroduce the robot staff slowly and replace the humans.

Book and Bed Hotel

One of the quirkiest and adorable hotels that Tokyo has to offer is the Book and Bed Hotel, which is described as a whole new type of B’&’B. The hotel is more comparable to a hostel, with common areas and bathrooms being shared between the customers. The beds are found tucked in between bookshelves with ladders to access them. Plus, all the books found in the hostel are free for customers to read- and there are thousands of them available. The Book and Bed even offers daytime rates for those who aren’t staying overnight in Tokyo but still want a place to rest and read some good books while they’re in the city.

Why not add a whole new dimension to your Tokyo trip by staying in an intriguing hotel? There’s plenty of activities to do in the city, so fill your days with fun and add a flair of uniqueness to your nights as well. Whether it’s just a funky style or a completely revolutionary style of hotel, try out whatever’s in your comfort zone and have some Japanese style fun!

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