Hidden Café Destinations – Montreal, Canada

Montreal is an eclectic and vibrant destination found in Quebec, Canada. Summers in this city are sure to be full of fun events, art and music festivals, and wonderful spots to enjoy. In between all the adventure of checking out Montreal’s top tourist destinations, any traveler is sure to need a relaxing place to sit back and enjoy a coffee or a tea. Montreal is full of amazing hidden spots like cafés, laidback bars, and adorable spots for tourists and locals alike to do just that. Check out some of these cafés that are off the beaten path but certainly worth a visit.

Café Aunja

Café Aunja is barely visible from the street, found in the basement of a building in between the neighborhoods of Westmount and Downtown Montreal. However, customers who make their way in the doors are always pleasantly surprised by the live music and amazing smells of tea and spices. Aunja is an Iranian café and celebrates all things Persian, with amazing artwork, music, and decorations all over the place. They have an extensive menu with plenty of unique options that you can’t find anywhere else in the city.

Café Névé

Found in the Plateau region of the city, Café Névé absolutely appeals to coffee lovers. They serve some of the freshest and most delicious espressos in the city, all from a small corner building. This café is a perfect place to bring your computer along to do some work or relax on their couches to do some light reading. Plus, don’t forget to try some of the baked goods that the café’s staff make fresh every day.

Café Melbourne

If you find yourself adventuring in the Mile End area of Montreal, Café Melbourne is a must-see. The adorable independent café was founded by Australians and is inspired by the city of Melbourne. The result is a laid-back atmosphere with several unique menu items to choose from. Their weekend brunch offers several amazing dishes, all named after famous people from Australia. Head to Café Melbourne to enjoy an Elle MacPherson, an Alphonse Gangitano, or even a Roberta Williams during your Montreal adventure.

L’Artiste Affamé

Another adorable little café in the Plateau region, L’Artiste Affamé is French for “starving artist.” They serve delicious, independently-made coffee and espresso to their customers. The staff are always super friendly and walking into L’Artiste Affamé always feels like walking into a relative’s home. The ambiance is perfect for taking a break and kicking back, with plenty of couches and comfortable seating available. True to its name, L’Artiste Affamé is usually full of artists and freelancers, making for a relaxed vibe and opportunities to make friends.

La Cornetteria

If you have a sweet tooth or you’re looking for a laidback place to enjoy a quick snack in Montreal, La Cornetteria is the place to go. All their baked goods are freshly made each day and feature their famous cannolis, cronettos, and cornettis. All of the delicious desserts are made with their own special Montreal twist. La Cornetteria is found in Montreal’s Little Italy, and the owners have aimed to create a place to bring their Italian traditions to the city in a unique way.

In conclusion, cafés are an underrated yet wonderful part of any traveler’s life. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, taking a break to relax, grab a drink, or grab something to eat is a necessary part of any day. When you’re away from home and spending time in your hotel or hostel doesn’t sound very appealing- finding local cafés is necessary to make your trip complete.

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