Hidden Gems: Detroit, Michigan

Many amazing travel destinations are constantly passed over if they’re not all over the media. Or if they have a bad reputation or lack of exposure. The city of Detroit in Michigan is one such city. The city is slowly starting to attract more travelers, but the vast majority of people are unaware of just how much Detroit has to offer. The city has had a bad reputation generally due to its financial problems, high numbers of homeless people, and drug activity. However, all of these things are changing quickly, and Detroit is actually a safe and fun city to travel in. Motor City has actually become incredibly progressive and charming throughout the last few years. It’s essentially a traveler’s paradise nowadays. Keep reading to find out all that Detroit has to offer.

Full of History

One of the coolest things about visiting Detroit is checking out the city’s rich history in every corner. Detroit has been through a lot over the years, from being the country’s automotive capital to declaring bankruptcy. The history of American industrialization and the Motor City itself is all held right in Detroit. Check out the Packard Plant, the Motown Museum, and the Henry Ford Museum to get a little taste of the city’s history. These destinations offer incredible views of some of the world’s first-ever vehicles and first massive manufacturing plants. Detroit is also the home of the historic Fort Wayne, which is still standing and open for visitors to explore.

Culture and Art

The Detroit Institute of Arts is a high-rated arts museum featuring impressive pieces from all around the world. Spending a whole day in this gallery is easy to do. The DIA even features pieces from artists such as Van Gogh, Rembrandt, and Picasso. There are plenty of other artistic destinations to explore in Detroit. Places like the Detroit Public Library and the Masonic Temple of Detroit offer incredible architecture to wonder at. Music, specifically jazz, has a rich history in Detroit. The city offers a huge number of jazz clubs to enjoy when night falls. It’s the perfect way to end a day exploring Motown.

The Detroit River

The city of Detroit is right along the Detroit River, which leads into the Great Lakes. This offers an incredible view of Canada and the amazing Ambassador Bridge right across the way. The river’s edge is a nice place to sit and relax after a long day of exploring. Not to mention, Detroit is also home to Belle Isle, a tiny island right in the river next to the city. The island offers a nice break from the hustle and bustle of downtown. Belle Isle features a conservatory, zoo, and even an aquarium for visitors to enjoy.

Detroit Sports

Detroit is home to several renowned sports teams like the Pistons, the Red Wings, and the Tigers. Comerica Park is a great place for sports fans to explore in Detroit. It’s also the home field of Detroit’s successful baseball team, the Tigers. It also features a theme park and a baseball museum within its walls. In the wintertime, it’s not uncommon to see hockey games going on here as well. Comerica Park certainly is a must-see for anyone interested in baseball or any other sports, for that matter.

In conclusion, sometimes the most unexpected places are amazing destinations. Detroit is one of those places that was never expected to bounce back as it did. Through intensive revitalization programs that are still ongoing, the city was able to cultivate an amazing allure. Visitors to Detroit certainly don’t regret exploring the vibrant city.

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