Ireland Wants to Start Installing Selfie Seats

Selfies are a staple for travelers. Whether you’re traveling alone or with a group, snapping some photos in front of beautiful scenery is a must-do. Since selfies have become more and more commonplace, so has the number of deaths they cause. Taking pictures at the edges of cliffs and dangerous locations has become a risk that many people are willing to take. Several people have already died in unfortunate selfie accidents in the past few months. In response to the unnecessary risks and subsequent deaths, many governments have decided to implement “no selfie” rules.

Ireland is home to several risky destinations. The Cliffs of Moher are the most popular one, and one student already died there this year. The male tourist was snapping a selfie with his back to the cliffs when he tragically fell to his death. Due to this, as well as rising numbers of similar situations worldwide, the Irish government is calling for action.

Jim Daly works for the Irish Department of Health as a Minister of State. His job mainly focuses on mental health and older people. Daly has decided to propose a better way to take selfies at tourist destinations. He wants the government to install designated selfie seats at locations like the Cliffs of Moher and other potentially dangerous areas. He pointed out that the seats would cost next to nothing, would not affect the scenery, and would be a great way to deter tourists from taking unnecessary selfie-related risks.

He also believes that the seats are an advantage for tourism and the economy. The seats would offer a clear place for tourists to go to get the best possible photos. He hopes that the National Tourism Development Authority in Ireland sees the value in this idea as well and get started on construction.


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