Italy Offers One-Weekend Exclusive Look at Cultural Sites

Fans of Italian culture are rejoicing about Italy’s latest tourism announcement. The country is chock full of unbelievable cultural monuments, many relating to the history of Catholicism. Places like Vatican City, the Colosseum, and the Trevi Fountain attract millions of onlookers every year. There is no shortage of cultural sights to see in Italy, but there are even more sights hidden and closed to the public.

Some sights are usually kept closed to the public to ensure preservation or to allow for more research without disturbance. This is all changing as Italy announced it is opening over a thousand of these closed sights up to tourists. The catch? They’re only open for one weekend. Most of the opened properties are privately owned, so this opening is quite rare and exclusive. And, to make matters even more enticing- it’s all free! This is happening all over the country, so it’s a great time to adventure to an Italian city you’ve always been dreaming of.

The reason for this exclusive look into Italian history and culture is the Fondo Ambiente Italiano, which could be described as Italy’s own version of UNESCO. Their goal is to protect the country’s heritage while also offering education and promotion to help boost tourism and knowledge. These types of events are usually done once in the spring and once in the fall, called FAI Spring Days and FAI Fall Days respectively.

This year’s Spring Days is one of the most exclusive and definitely the Fondo Ambiente Italiano’s largest undertaking thus far. The focus of this weekend’s exhibitions is on Italy’s background and the influence of several other cultures on the formation of the country we all know today. There are even guides of several nationalities ready to volunteer their time and help educate at each culture site.

Engaging Sentence: Traveling to Italy always sounds like a good idea… but this weekend, it’s even better. Find out why!

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