Japan Hotel Uses Robot Employees

Artificial intelligence has been growing in recent years, helping discoveries in science and gaming especially. But who knew they were actually becoming a part of the travel industry as well? A hotel in Japan was ahead of the game when it came to robots. They had their entire hotel staffed by them in 2015. This accomplishment landed them a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records- the staff was a total of 243 robots. That’s pretty impressive.

Well, it turns out that the robots weren’t as effective as they thought they were going to be. The executives used the robots to do small tasks like moving luggage around and delivering food to customers. The idea behind it was that the human employees would be able to focus on the more critical jobs, save time, and save useless effort.

The hotel recently announced that their experiment with robot employees ended up proving that the opposite was true. The robots were causing more issues that human employees had to spend time and effort solving. Each room was equipped with a helpful robot, but it turned out that they didn’t have nearly enough information programmed to actually answer important questions. Not to mention that they didn’t have the problem-solving abilities of humans.

According to guests, many of the robots had shortcomings. The check-in robots weren’t able to scan passports properly, and the bellhop robots were always getting stuck. In general, it seems that the idea to have a robot staff was good in theory, but they didn’t have the funds to purchase advanced enough robots. The Henn-na Hotel recently announced that they were laying off nearly all of their robot employees. At first, they considered getting new, updated robots to solve those problems. However, they unfortunately didn’t have the funds to do so.

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