Landmarks Worldwide Shut Lights Off to Raise Awareness

April is internationally known as Earth Month, with Earth Day being celebrated each year on the 22nd and Earth Hour usually celebrated at the beginning of the month. Overall, it’s a time to focus on the planet and our impact on it. Each year, the focus primarily lies on the energy use of humans and the loss of biodiversity happening all over the world, with many species close to extinction. For Earth Hour, WWF encourages households, businesses, and everything in between to shut off their lights for the entire hour. WWF and many other environmental groups have pointed out that the planet is in the middle of a mass extinction.

This year, a record number of people and companies took part in Earth Hour. This included 24 major landmarks around the world. The landmarks participated by shutting off all their lighting as a display of solidarity with the movement.  Some of the participating landmarks included the Empire State Building and the Eiffel Tower. These landmarks always have many eyes on them, and most of them attract millions of visitors every year. The campaign was a great way to spread awareness about Earth Month and all the species extinctions going on.


This year’s Earth Month comes on the heels of many environmental changes all over the world. With increasing travel and tourism, the impact of large crowds of humans is being felt in new places and at higher levels. With the awareness raised by the landmark shutdowns and the rest of Earth Month’s activities, it’s safe to say that people are stepping up and doing their best to make a difference. Earth Hour is one small step towards more and more impactful action, and it’s definitely encouraging to see that the world’s most iconic locations are getting in on the movement.



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