How to Make the Magic Kingdom Even More Magical? Just Add Cookie Dough

Last week, the folks who run the Disney Food Blog shared some truly amazing news with the world: you can now order a cup of chocolate chip cookie dough when visiting Walt Disney World. This delicious treat is available at the All Star Sports Resort and costs less than four dollars – a bargain for a taste of everyone’s favorite comfort food.

Three Scoops of Childhood Bliss

Once you reach the All Star Sports Resort, head to the refrigerated snack and bakery section, in the End Zone Food Court. Asking for a cup of cookie dough gets you three small scoops (which is just enough to satisfy a craving without being too rich). You can pay cash or use your Disney Dining Plan snack card, making sure you can enjoy this treat regardless of your preferred payment method. You might want to stop for your treat mid-trip, so you can use the ensuing sugar rush to help get you around the rest of the park.

But Mom Said Not to Eat Raw Cookie Dough

Normally speaking, you should never eat raw cookie dough – especially not dough made from scratch or the ready-to-bake kind available in stores. This is primarily because of the presence of raw eggs, which can lead to a host of health concerns, including the risk of an E. coli-related infection. Raw, uncooked flour can also lead to these types of bacterial infections, with it taking only a small amount to make a person very sick. Symptoms range in severity, and typically include abdominal cramping, gas, loss of appetite, nausea, fatigue, and fever.

Disney’s Version is Completely Safe

Recognizing the risks associated with serving raw cookie dough the way you and mom used to make it, Disney modified the recipe somewhat. There is no raw egg, nor does Disney use large amounts of uncooked flour. As a result, these treats are safe for all bellies, making them the perfect snack for your Disney adventures. Additionally, they All Star Sports Resort keeps their cookie dough just chilled enough to make it thick and creamy; a wonderful, more satisfying alternative to ice cream.

The new cookie dough cups join a host of other delicious treats found at the Magic Kingdom, including Tonga Toast, Turkey Legs, and Canadian cheddar cheese soup among many others. In fact, with tons of shops, boutiques, and dining options available throughout the expansive park, you are sure to find the perfect treat or meal option to compliment your afternoon snack.

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