Why You Need to Go To Corsica ASAP

The French island Corsica is famous for a great many reasons, most of all being the island in which Napoleon was born and raised. But more than that, it is a beautiful warm landscape that needs to be visited at least one time in your lifetime. The island has many great things to wonderful, and being just a small plane ride from the French main coast, it’s an easy getaway to get to. Here are the main reasons why you need to book your ticket as soon as you can:

Stunning Beaches

There are just fewer than 200 sandy beautiful beaches. If you love going to the beach, this island is a dream for you. You can sit around and tan all day, jump into the water, and get right back there. There are wonderful pristine white sand beaches, as well as small coves. It may very well be one of the cleanest beaches in the entirety of France. If you like watersports, there are a lot of activities as well including windsurfing, kayaking, and sailing. While you are there, you should check out Calvi, some beaches by Velinco Gulf and on the southern half of the island. You won’t regret it.

Food Like You’ve Never Had Before

Corsica’s charm lies not only in the beaches that look straight out of a film. It also has incredible food. Entice your taste bud with the unique mix of French cuisine and Italian cuisine that can only be found on the charming little escape island. Corsican food also has its own little spin on flavors and dishes as well. If you live there, meat is usually your preferred choice of food and there is a lot of it. There is plenty of veal, lamb, boar, and French charcuterie all over the island. Diary products are made fresh from the animals on the mountain and sourced locally (such as the infamous ewe’s cheese). There are also a lot of chestnuts in the local dishes.

Aged Wine That’ll Change Your Life

You know that the French have a special touch when it comes to wine, as do the Italians. Now imagine an island with both of those influences. There are very good wines in the area, so good, that they don’t tend to stock much else. Vermentino is the basic white there and its sister wine Sciacarello is the red, in fact it can only be found on the island. People drink a lot of rose too, as well as myrtle liquor, which can be made from plant that grows locally. The ingredients used to make these are so fresh you can smell them in every sip. It’s truly a wine lover’s dream paradise. If you get a chance while you are there, you can also take a tour of the vineyards.

Everything Smells Heavenly

The island smells amazing because of all the plants that cover its entirety. One plant, the marquis, lets off a very pleasant scent. It’s actually several different types of plants included within it including juniper, myrtle, fennel, rosemary, thyme (can you tell why food in Corsica is so well spiced?). The entire island comes alive with scents, making it extremely pleasant to walk through on a beautiful day. The beaches also smell a lot like pine forests, which is exceedingly rare for many forests. You get the perks of being in the forest and smelling mountain air without ever having to leave the beach and your tanning station. It’s truly amazing.

Mountain Ranges

The landscape in Corsica is some of the most breathtaking you’ll see in Europe. There are mountains all over the island, meaning that people can hike or drive around as much as they please when they get sick of the beach (if that ever happens). You can also bike around or ride a horse if you don’t particularly feel like walking. There are many guided tours of the canyons and you can even plan a picnic in the mountains if you feel up to it. If you get up high enough, there are splendid views of the entire coastline; it’s definitely not something you want to miss.

Corsica is one of those beautiful and magical getaway places that not enough people give its proper due. Only a short distance from both the Italian and French shores, it’s a stunning island with amazing food and scenery. If you’re planning a trip through Europe in the warmer months, it’s definitely worth it to stop by.

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