New Highway That Links Europe To China Approved

The “Meridan” highway, which is a road that is going to connect Europe to China through Russia, has been given the green light by officials this week. The new highway is going to stretch 1,250 miles across Russia and is going to provide European residents the ability to travel to China by car.

The Russian state news agency, RIA Novosti has reported that the 2,000-kilometer long road is going to run across the Russian border with Kazakhstan, which can optimize the shortest route from the middle of Europe to China. The road is going to be mainly used to move goods and resources between the two continents, but it can also be used for other needs.

The Russian agency has approved that the first phase of the project is going to begin, but it is going to cost more than nine billion USD. With state support and help from private investors, the project is going to start immediately and is going to help connect Europe with its East Asian neighbor. Chinese officials have also assisted in the project, and they are encouraging the development between the two continents. Currently, Russian corporations have purchased more than 80% of the land that is going to be needed for the highway, and they plan to gain more.

China, Russia, and other European countries are going to break even with the money that is invested into the highway in about 12 years. The highway is going to have tollbooths throughout, which are going to charge trucks, cars, and buses to use the new infrastructure. These booths are going to slowly make back the money that is required to build the new highway. The “Meridan” highway is going to help globalize the world economy through increased accessibility to trade services.

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