A New Interactive Travel Map Helps Reduce Plastic Waste

If you are looking to travel this summer and want to be more conscious about the use of plastic during your visit, there is a new website for you. A new web-based application – developed by the travel company Orbitz – shows which American states have laws about single-use plastic products.

During peak tourism seasons, the amount of plastic waste in the environment increases. Plastic waste is becoming an increasing problem, especially in areas of America that are favorite travel sites. If you are against single-use plastics, this interactive website can help you navigate your travels in America in a more sustainable way. The map shows which states have partial and complete bans on plastic straws, bags, or both. The map is free to use and is integrated into the interface of Orbitz’ travel website.

The map shows how each American state has different laws on the use of single-use plastics. Through the easy to use, user-friendly interface, the ability to plan an eco-friendly trip is more accessible. The map can also help tourists explore natural parks, beaches, and breath-taking landscapes in a more environmentally conscious way by showing the laws on plastic use in these areas.

Although many cities and states do not have complete plastic bans, the website also provides information on specific resorts, hotels, and areas, which have regulations that are committed to waste reduction. Orbitz includes a list of “Eco Hotels” in each state, which shows the hotels that have a plastic straw or bag ban, even if the state does not. Keeping Orbitz’ interactive guide in mind when planning your next trip can help reduce waste, even when on a relaxing vacation. Try bookmarking it on your iPhone, laptop, or other smartphone technologies when traveling in America, and you can help reduce plastic waste!

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