New York Foods You Have to Try

New York is a food destination of gastronomical proportions. No matter what your taste, there is something on the menu to delight your taste buds. But the city is enormous, so where should you start? It can be hard to figure out but with a little bit of local guidance, there is no doubt that you can have one of the best experiences your taste buds have ever imagined. Here is a list of the must try places you need to start on in order to get the real deal experience.

Starting in the Bronx

After taking in the flowers at the Bronx botanical gardens, head over to Arthur Avenue to explore the historical Italian restaurants and shops. Here you can find fresh homemade pasta, delectable tomato sauce, creamy tiramisu, and all sorts of Italian staples made seemingly by teams of Italian grandmothers in the kitchens.

Be sure to explore the open-air markets where you can taste authentic Italian cheese, grab some calamari from the fishmongers, or take home some Italian olive oil to add flavor to your own cooking. Take a break in a café while sipping on a cappuccino and eating a cannoli. To top it all off, walk into a bakery and bite into a warm pignoli cookie straight out of the oven (and take some home for your friends!).

Korea Town Is an Absolute Must

If you’re looking for a scene as catchy as Kpop, stop in Ktown for a Korean experience. Gather some friends and converse over cold soju infused with fresh watermelon and served in the watermelon husk. Check out Izakaya Mew for a modern take on sushi, ramen, sashimi, and other Asian cuisine within a chic underground Izakaya. After singing your lungs out at Karaoke, for dessert be sure to head to Spot. Here you can order cheesecake formed artfully into a flowerpot, fish shaped waffles filled with ice cream (that look uncannily similar Magicarp seen in Pokemon), and my favorite matcha green tea lava cake (matcha obliged!).

The Best Pizza on Earth (Sorry Deep-Dish)

What New York vacation is complete without pizza? Ask 10 New Yorkers where the best place to grab a slice is, and you may get 10 different answers. One of the most famous is John’s Pizzeria in Times Square. But if you are not eager to wait on the weekend line, there are plenty of other places to go for great pizza. Don Antonio’s serves up an authentic Italian slice, baked in a rustic oven to a golden brown crust, topped with prosciutto, mozzarella, tomato sauce, pesto, or almost anything you can think of. Stop by Grimaldi’s for Brooklyn’s take of New York pizza. Really though, there are so many great pizza shops that it’s hard to go wrong (though the 99 cents slices are always a gamble).

Street Food Is Also A Must

Some of the best food is found not in the restaurants, but on the streets. While walking around the concrete jungle, stop by one of the many food vendors selling  delicious items from carts. Look for the Halal Guys cart by the MoMa and order chicken or gyro in  a pita or over rice, drizzled with their creamy white sauce and spicy hot sauce. Check out the bars in Brooklyn and grab a burrito or taco from one of the many food trucks serving up Mexican food. Enjoy the fragrance of nuts coated in honey and roasted slowly from ne of the many peddlers selling nuts on the streets.

One of the most interesting culinary experiences brought to New York by the myriad of cultures which have settled there is Korean hot pot/Japanese barbeque. Here you become part of the cooking experience as giant plates of raw food are brought to the table. Your group then cooks the meat and vegetables in pots of spiced broth, leading to the best group eating experience you can imagine.

These are just some of the wonderful things you can taste while you are in New York. It’s a huge city, and there are many wonderful foods from many different countries to taste while you are there. If you start on this list, there are only more and more options you can find by asking around. New York is certainly one of the best destinations for food you can ever venture towards.

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