Packing for Multiple Climates

Packing is every traveler’s most essential skill. In every aspect of your trip- planning, preparation, itineraries, and accommodation- packing plays a part. Seasoned travelers usually learn packing tips and tricks along the way, getting better at it every time they do it. There are so many easy packing tricks out there that it becomes a breeze. However, there’s one type of trip that throws a wrench into even the most well-oiled packing machines. Trips with multiple climates make it really difficult to pack without bringing along your entire closet. How are you supposed to transition from tropical to tundra with a single bag? This article offers all the hacks to make it happen.

Is It Worth It?

If you’re heading off on a trip through multiple climates, your first instinct is probably to pack everything you need in the bags you’re bringing. However, there are other options to consider before you start doing so. If your trip is longer than a couple of months, it might be worth having some items shipped ahead of you rather than carrying them the whole way. If you’re switching climates at a clear time and spending long periods of time in each one, shipping things ahead helps to avoid months of carrying around things you aren’t using. If your trip is shorter and the value of shipping things just doesn’t make sense, then it’s time to grab a suitcase.

Stay Balanced

Before you start tossing things into your bag, take a moment to consider all the climates you need to prepare for. The main categories are usually rainy, cold, or hot weather. Make sure you have a solid idea of how long you want to spend in each climate. If the majority of your trip is in the rainy weather, it’s probably worth it to pack an actual raincoat. If you encounter a little bit of rain, it’s sufficient to bring along a thin rain poncho that packs much smaller. There’s no need to take up precious space in your bag for something that only gets used once or twice.

Layer Everything

When packing for multiple climates, layers are a traveler’s best friend. This is especially true when preparing for adventures in cold weather. Rather than packing bulky sweaters and coats- pack things that can be layered to become thick and warm. For example, pack an array of tank tops, t-shirts, and long sleeves. When you get cold, you wear all three at once. When it’s warm, you wear just one at a time.


Paying attention to the material of your clothing makes a huge difference when it comes to packing. It’s easy to stay warm with the minimum amount of bulk simply by choosing the right fabrics. For example, thermal leggings are thin and pack small, but they also offer a significant layer of heat to help you in the cold weather. Coats and sweaters made of things like down and merino wool are also space saving options. Thickness doesn’t necessarily equate to warmth, and that’s great news for your bags. Material that dries quickly is an excellent choice for every climate. Things like microfiber and synthetic wool can handle sweat, rain, and snow.

In conclusion, packing for a trip with multiple climates is probably the hardest thing to pack for. You have to be prepared for so many different things to happen, which means you need a wide array of items. The key is to bring as many versatile items and pieces of clothing as possible. With the tips in this article, packing for any and all climates is a breeze.

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