Paris’ Notre Dame Comes Down in Flames

Notre Dame Cathedral is one of Paris’ top tourist destinations, attracting millions of visitors every year. The church is over 800 years old and well-known around the world for its twin bell towers and presence in media. Notre Dame de Paris is also considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is the most visited of all monuments in Europe. Needless to say, Notre Dame de Paris is beloved and iconic. Just this week, though, all that has changed with a massive fire tearing down large parts of the cathedral.

The cathedral has been continually undergoing renovations and restoration processes to keep it in good shape after standing for so long. It’s suspected that something related to these processes caused the outbreak of a fire inside the church. The flames quickly spread and caused significant damage as the cathedral was evacuated.

The fire quickly caught media attention, and thousands of Parisians flocked to the area to pray for the blaze to be put out. It took hours of hard work and the contributions of over 500 firefighters to get the fire under control. It still ended up causing significant damage to the cathedral, although the iconic bell towers are still standing. Many of the historical artifacts that were stored in the church were saved before the fire spread, and most of them were transported to the Louvre Museum for safekeeping.

Emmanuel Macron has addressed the disaster, promising that Notre Dame de Paris is a top priority and is to be rebuilt within five years. The cathedral is incredibly important not only to Paris but also to the entire country, as evidenced by massive financial donations to the cathedral’s reconstruction. Donations have come from philanthropists, universities, and other French businesses like Total. The fundraiser has already reached hundreds of millions of dollars.

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