People Participate in Mystery Trips Planned by Random People

The idea of having a trip all planned out for you without having to do any of the work sounds, well… amazing. That’s what travel agencies usually do, but there’s one travel agency that is switching up how they do it. Pack Up + Go is a travel agency in the U.S. that specializes in a whole new way of domestic travel.

Booking with Pack Up + Go depends on how much faith and spontaneity you have because it’s not the average adventure. The way it works is actually pretty simple, although it’s totally unique in the travel industry. Hopeful travelers pick out their budget and a few basic preferences. Then, they receive an envelope in the mail that reveals their mystery destination. They also receive everything they need for transportation and accommodation in that envelope. All that’s left to do is follow the planned itinerary wherever it leads you.

One of the coolest things about Pack Up + Go is that it’s accessible to people who have to work regular 9 to 5 jobs. They mostly work on long weekend trips, so it’s easy to take just an extra vacation day or take advantage of a holiday. Not to mention, the stress of planning a short trip is totally eliminated with this service. Literally, all you have to do is answer a few questions! The price range is extensive, allowing each traveler to pick their price within $400 and $5,000 dollars.

Whether you’re looking to spend some extra money on a quick getaway or have been saving up for a massive vacation- Pack Up + Go is ready to help out. Most customers end up so satisfied with their Pack Up + Go trips since they add a whole new element of surprise and anticipation to a regular trip.

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