Plane Turns Around After Baby Is Left Behind in Terminal

Everyone forgets things from time to time, especially when heading off on a trip. Most travelers are well aware of that sinking feeling when you’re already on the plane, and you realize you forgot to pack one crucial thing. One woman in Saudi Arabia had this feeling, times 100 when she realized that she left her baby back in the airport.

The flight had just taken off from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and was bound for Malaysia’s capital city, Kuala Lumpur. After just a few minutes in the air, a mother realized that something was missing. Apparently, she had left the child back in the waiting area right by her gate. Airports are chaotic places, so the stress must have gotten to her, and grabbing the baby slipped her mind. Imagine her terror when she realized she was headed to a different country without her infant child! The first thing she did was tell the flight attendants and the pilots what was going on.

Understandably, she was quite worked up about the whole situation. The woman actually refused to continue the flight, demanding that they turn the plane back so she could retrieve her child. The cabin crew was shocked about the situation- after all their years in the industry, this was definitely a first. Plus, there wasn’t really any type of protocol for a situation such as this.

While it would have been easy for the pilot to refuse to turn back, his heart went out to the mother. The crew decided to contact air traffic controllers back at Jeddah airport. After taking a few extra minutes to get the story straight, the controllers told the pilot he was all set to turn around. The mother was lucky to reunite with her child as soon as she exited the flight.

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