Planning Excursions That Don’t Break the Bank

One of the most expensive parts of travel is excursions and day trips. These are extra little trips, usually to tourist sites, that aren’t right in the city and aren’t easily accessed. The problem with this is that sometimes travelers end up paying crazy amounts of money to get to these places. Excursion prices are often higher than the price you pay for days of accommodation. But, the destinations are usually quite attractive and interesting. Think of the historical catacombs in Paris, or the wondrous salt caves near Krakow, Poland- it’s hard to imagine giving up the chance to see these things. The question is, is there a way to do it without paying the exorbitant fees? Keep reading to find out.

Getting There – Transportation

The first step of any excursion is transportation- getting there. If you are able to find a way to get there by yourself, the overall cost drops significantly. Many excursions include things like a hotel pick-up, private drives to the destination, or buses directly there. Take the time to check out if public transportation reaches the destination at all. Sometimes, it’s even cheaper to take an Uber or a taxi there.

Getting in – Entrance Fees

However, even if your transportation is all taken care of, there are still fees to watch out for when you arrive. Most of these types of day trips and excursions are to some sort of site where there is an entry fee. When you pay for a tour, the fee is usually included in the price. Before you go ahead with a tour company, ask or research how much the entry fee really costs. Sometimes, it’s expensive as-is, so it makes sense to go with a tour. Other times, the entry fee is insanely cheap, and using a tour company increases your costs by a lot.

Getting The Info – Guides

A lot of times, what tour companies put emphasis on is their guide service. Having a guide with you at a destination means that you know exactly where to go and you get to learn quite a bit more than you probably would by yourself. However, the prices of guides are usually overstated online and in advance. Sometimes it’s easier to get a guide once you arrive at the location or simply put some effort into buying a guidebook or paying for an audio guide. Overall, the importance of guides is not as significant as it may seem.

Getting it Right – The Rules

Another thing that you might not have considered is the rules of certain tourist sites. Often, in order to help out the tourism industry, there are rules preventing tourists from being at the sites by themselves. This means that you are required to be with a guide or maybe even with specific tour companies. When this is the case, it’s important not to try and do it yourself anyways. At that point, check out as many tour options as possible so that you can make an informed decision.

In conclusion, the reality is that some excursions are possible to do for cheaper and some just aren’t. That’s part of the reality of travel today, and as much as it’s unfortunate for those on a budget, it’s important to remember why it’s this way. The people who work in all aspects of these excursions use it as their livelihoods. The prices reflect their pay, and they also reflect the costs associated with maintaining the integrity of the destinations. Be sure to look into doing your excursions for cheaper, but don’t be too discouraged if it isn’t possible!

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