Record-Breaking Pool Opening Up in Poland

It’s not often that pools make the headlines in the travel industry. However, that day has arrived, since Poland is welcoming tourists to their new deep diving pool. In fact, the pool is so deep that it breaks the world record. The pool clocks in at a whopping 45 meters deep, the perfect locale for scuba divers to train and test their skills. Not to mention, it’s also an excellent place for tourists and leisurely swimmers, as the pool is complete with additions like caves and stone overhangs.

The new pool is called the Deepspot pool, and it holds nearly 30 times more water than the average swimming pool. It’s mainly used for divers- both experienced divers looking for a place to practice and beginners trying to train and get certified. The pool also features an underwater tunnel deeper in the pool, offering a great view for spectators to check out the swimmers. Even some nearby training rooms and offices have windows into different depths of the record-breaking pool.

To accomplish this record-breaking pool, building materials were brought out to a tiny Polish town called Mszczonow, not far from the country’s capital, Warsaw. The building materials were quite extensive, including over 1000 tons of steel in order to accomplish a safe pool structure down into the ground. It’s not just a place for divers and leisure swimmers- deep diving pools also serve as prime training destinations for athletes and even astronauts. Swimming against the resistance of water is a great way to get in shape and prepare for strenuous physical activity. Previously to the Deepspot’s construction, Italy held the record for the world’s deepest pool just outside of the popular tourist destination Venice. The Italian pool is found inside a hotel and serves as one of the main tourist attractions.

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