Several Airlines Announce Major Changes

The travel industry has been booming in the last few years, leading to a tumultuous and exciting time for the air travel sector especially. Plenty of changes have happened, from the shut-down of a handful of popular airlines to the creation of new ones and massive changes in policy and law. This week has been no exception, with a number of airlines announcing interesting changes to the way they function. Keep reading to find out what’s changing.

Easy Jet

Known for their iconic bright orange color scheme, Easy Jet is a popular British budget airline. This week they announced that their flights are no longer serving or selling peanuts as an in-flight snack. Although peanuts are an age-old airplane snack, Easy Jet is following the lead of several other airlines by banning them. The issue is mainly focused on the risks related to peanut allergies.

Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines used to hold the top spot in terms of airline customer satisfaction. That all changed this week when the American Customer Satisfaction Index released their 2019 surveys. Southwest fell to third place, while Alaska Air Group took over the number one rating and Jet Blue claimed number two. The issue with customer satisfaction seems to be related to Southwest’s use of many Boeing 737 MAX jets- a plane that has been involved in several incidents as of late.

United Airlines

In-flight entertainment systems aboard United Airlines typically include a small webcam facing passengers. Throughout the years, many customers have noticed and expressed concern about privacy violation. Although United has maintained that the manufacturers installed the webcams and never once activated, they took things a step further this week. The airline announced that they are covering all the webcams in an effort to ensure all passengers feel safe on every United flight.

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