Singapore Introduces Crazy New Airport Improvements

The Singapore Airport has already been consistently recognized as the world’s best for years. From movie theaters to butterfly gardens and everything in between- Changi Airport has it all. It’s hard to imagine how the world’s best airport could possibly get any better. However, Singapore’s Changi is defying expectations once again. The airport’s newest addition certainly takes the cake when it comes to its attracting features.

The new addition is called Jewel, and Moshe Safdie designed it. He is a well-known architect, particularly for his work on the United States Institute of Peace. What exactly is Jewel? Well, it’s a section of the airport that is not a terminal, waiting room, and not quite anything in between.

Jewel is most attractive due to its incredible architectural design. The roof is inverted and comprised mostly of glass and swirling designs. Inside, Jewel is a stunning garden. Jewel is undoubtedly the ideal place to take a stroll in between flights and seems like it’s an attraction in and of itself.

The garden is sectioned off into specific styles and covers five floors of space inside the airport. And that’s not even the most remarkable thing about Jewel. In the center of the round room, there is a massive indoor waterfall- the tallest in the world! The room is also chock full of walking paths and other ways to pass the time. For example, there are two suspended bridges 82 feet up in the air. One features a glass floor, while the other attracts more adventurous types with a floor made of netting. Aside from all the sights, Jewel also has slides and mazes for travelers, commuters and their kids to enjoy. Jewel seems like the perfect place to find some peace even in the midst of a chaotic place like an airport.

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