Space Hotel in the Works

Traveling to the distant corners of the Earth has become easier and easier over the years. Hotels and resorts are now all over the place and getting there is simpler than ever. However, some travelers think that staying on the planet isn’t enough. With the recent developments in space exploration and science, it seems as though travel in space isn’t too far off.

One hotel recently announced that they are planning to be open for business by the year 2022. That seems to be a pretty ambitious goal, but the Aurora Station is sure that their luxury hotel is nearly ready. They’re testing the experience as soon as 2021 and opening it up to guests just a year later. Although it is open to anyone, the cost of a trip and a stay in the Aurora Station comes to about $9.5 million. It’s one of the most expensive luxury hotels in the world- or rather, the galaxy.

A trip to the Aurora Station is an intensive experience. It offers space for four guests and two crew members on each tour. Each trip lasts a total of 12 days and allows guests to experience launching into space and orbiting the Earth. Travelers can’t just sign up and go up to space the next day. Heading to Aurora Station first requires three months of strict training to make sure you’re prepared for space travel.

The experience also offers all the regular amenities that are found in this planet’s luxury hotels. For example, high-speed Internet connection, comfortable sleeping quarters, and top-notch food. Imagine the nicest hotel ever, just without gravity. This hotel is a whole new outlook on space travel and the first ever of its kind. One of the coolest elements of the trip is seeing Earth from a whole new perspective.

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