Tips for The Fashionable Traveler

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to traveling anywhere is packing. No matter what you do, the suitcase never seems to be the right size. You either pack too much or too little, and it’s nearly impossible to find the right balance. This is something that all types of travelers have in common- backpackers, young adults, families, and vacationers alike. The solution given all over travel blogs and tip compilations usually boils down to one thing: pack less clothing. For many people, this tip works! They wash their clothes more often, pack fewer items, wear the same things over and over, and don’t worry too much about the fashion of it all. But, what about the fashion fans who still want to travel? This article boils down all the tips for people who want to look their best and still not bring massive suitcases everywhere they go.

# 1 – Accessories Are Everything

There’s no avoiding the fact that clothes take up a lot of space. There is no magic potion to shrink everything or create a bottomless bag. However, some of the most important items in fashion aren’t the clothes themselves, but accessories. Accessories like jewelry, scarves, hats, and belts take up much less space than clothes. Plus, they are able to completely change any simple outfit and add a whole new level of style. When packing, no matter how few clothes you bring or how basic they are, be sure to pack an array of accessories in different colors and styles.

# 2 – Stay Multifunctional

Don’t bring items of clothing that are only wearable in specific situations. Before packing an item, ask yourself in what situations it could potentially be worn. Be sure that each item has at least two uses, if not many more. For example, a dress that can be worn as a beach cover-up, a day dress, and be dressed up for a nice dinner is the perfect item to pack. A pair of shoes that are only wearable if you happen to take a salsa dancing class or get invited to a fancy gala- not so much. The word multifunctional brings to mind images of Velcro tearaway pants or ugly waterproof sandals, but the truth is that it just means to bring items that are useful in more ways than one.

# 3 – Pick a Color Scheme

The easiest way to be able to mix and match everything in your bag is by making sure that it all works together. Don’t pack an array of different colors. Rather, pick your favorites and try to pack items that go along with different shades of one color or all colors that complement each other. The easiest color scheme is usually black, white, and neutral. However, there’s nothing wrong with a pop of color! Just try to ensure every item matches with every other item.

# 4 – Think of the Big Picture

This tip is especially important for long-term travelers. Don’t consider outfits day by day, or pack according to one specific item. Rather, keep the bigger picture in mind and try to pack things that can be worn over and over again while still looking good. This goes hand in hand with picking a color scheme and the rest of the tips.

In conclusion, packing is all about priorities. Believe it or not, giving up on fashion and appearance is not a prerequisite to becoming a world traveler or even a backpacker. There are easy ways to feel great about your outfits and keep up with fashion trends, all the while packing light and being able to move from place to place with ease.

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