Tips to Getting Through Australia

Australia is an amazing country. If you can get a flight to there, you’ll have a vacation that you will never forget. Since Australia is so far from the US, though, it’s definitely worth it to spend a couple of weeks there, at least. The big cities are worth taking your time through, but so is the nature. Australia is huge and there is plenty to get through and plenty of great food to eat. However, there are some things you may need to know before setting foot in the Land Down Under:

It’s Huge 

This is not to be understated. People seem to think they can bang out the whole of Australia in 2-3 weeks but it is just not possible. You are talking about a landmass that is its own continent floating in the sea. You have to make some executive decisions about which parts of Australia you want to see first. Otherwise, you are going to be traveling almost the entire time.

Kangaroos: Also Huge

People think of kangaroos as this small cute and cuddly animal but the truth could not be further. They are gigantic, and they can be pretty mean. Do not get close to them, as they may try and kick you. In fact, if you are driving out in the Australian bush and one comes out in front of your car, the worst thing you can do is yield. It may result in an accident. Sad to say, but the best thing is to keep driving, even if you hit them. Kangaroos are so populous in Australia that it’s not uncommon to see them as roadkill.

Big Cities and Then Roads Forever 

Australians don’t really do small towns the way most Americans do. The big cities are huge, but then you are talking about literally nothing for miles and miles at a time. Sure there are some small towns, but it’s not something you see often. The contrast can be pretty stark for people driving through for the first time. Make sure to stock up on gas.

The Weather 

The seasons are reversed from the northern hemisphere but that doesn’t mean the weather is always the same in the north as it is in the south. Australia is so huge that the weather varies depending on where you are. Visiting the north may not be as nice in November as it would be in the south.

Koalas Hugging

Koalas however, are adorable, and should be hugged when you get a chance. You can usually find a reserve in Queensland where you can go visit the koalas in their sanctuaries. Do not try to do this on your own. Cute as they are, they are still wild animals.

Enjoy the Nature

Go exploring outside of the cities to see some beautiful greenery. Almost everything that is not a city is given the title of a National Park in Australia. But you have to give them credit. When you see Oxley Wild Rivers Park or The Grampians, you’ll suddenly understand their need to conserve them from development.

It’s a Sign

There are so many signs in Australia, you’d think you’re in a college lecture. They have put in a lot of small educational posts to teach people about the nature around them. It can come in handy when you are in places where you don’t have a lot of people. You can take a walk in almost any place and learn something new.

Bring a Converter

Australians have different plugs than the Americans, Europeans, and even the Brits. Make sure you bring a special converter otherwise your phone may be dead within hours.

Indian and Thai Food on the Cheap 

Looking for an affordable meal? If you’re not down for Macca’s (McDonalds), there is also plenty of Thai and Indian food for not too much money. And it’s become so trendy in Australia that there are a number of high end restaurants as well if you are craving.

Yes to Beetroot, No to Fosters 

People put big slices of beetroot on everything. No one orders or drinks Fosters, no matter what adverts may have you think. Also you can bring your own alcohol to many restaurants, unless they’re super high class, because alcohol is ridiculously expensive in Australia.


You can tip, or not. People are paid much more on average, so it’s not make or break as it would be in the US.

Australia is definitely an amazing place to spend a couple weeks in. You can see breathtaking nature, meet friendly people, and have fun in giant cities for days on end. Soak up the sun on the beach and go hiking. With these tips, you’ll be ready to go.

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