Top 10 Spiciest Foods from Around the World that You Need to Try the Summer

Food is a big deal for many travelers. Nothing is more thrilling that experiencing of eating exciting blends of native herbs and spices in a city you’ve never seen before. Some thrill seekers also enjoy tasting foods which can be described as extreme. Extremely spicy foods are often the most exciting.  If this is true in your case, here is a list of the spiciest foods you can try this summer from around the world.

1.Sichuan Hot-Pot – China

Sichuan Hot-Pot is one of those dishes the waiters warn you about if you dare to order it. This dish is a broth comprised of pieces of meat, garlic, onion, a medley of vegetables, and, you guessed it, peppers! Many argue that this is quite arguably the spiciest broth in China.

2.Wot – Ethiopia

Wot is another famously spicy dish that is worth travelling to taste. Ethiopians include pounds and pounds of herbs and spices in this dish in order to get the flavor to be just right. The distinct spicy taste is attributed to a blend of dried peppers called berbere.

3.Papa A La Huancaina – Peru

Peru has become very popular with food lovers seeking to get a taste of Papa A La Huancaina. This is a cold salad made from yellow potatoes that have been boiled and crushed. The potatoes are served with a medley of vegetables, spices, and the signature Huancaina sauce. The distinct heat of the dish comes from the Amarillo chili pepper which is a main ingredient in the Huancaina sauce.

4.Jerked Pork or Chicken – Jamaica

Jerking is an ancient cooking technique handed down from the original inhabitants of Jamaica. It involves using a special type of wood to cook the meat on an open fire. It is almost like grilled meat but with very specific ingredients. The meat is marinated for days in a pickle made of cloves, pimento, garlic, onions, herbs and other spices. Many of these ingredients already have a distinctly spicy taste but the chefs take it a step further with a blend of Jamaican scotch bonnet peppers.

5.Bibimbap with Kimchi – South Korea

This native South Korean dish has become famous all around the world for its very distinct flavor. It includes a spicy blend of cabbage, onions, ginger and garlic. Very hot chili peppers are also included in the mix. It is also fascinating to learn that this dish is prepared by burying the ingredients in a clay pot underground and leaving the heat of the peppers and other spices to marinate and develop an even stronger flavor for about four weeks.

6.Suicide Chicken – The United States

There is a reason this type of chicken has been so named. It is one of the spiciest dishes in the US. Most people never actually finish a serving of suicide chicken, and it is easy to see why. Suicide chicken is usually comprised of chicken wings.

7.Tom Yum Soup – Thailand

Tom Yum is a combination of a distinctly sour taste and the raw heat of the peppers. The pepper used to make this dish is one of the hottest known to man; the bird’s eye chili that is native to Thailand. The soup also includes shrimp and chicken. It is surprisingly very aromatic.

8.Griot with Sauce Ti-Malice – Haiti

Famed as one of the spiciest dishes in the world, Griot with Sauce Ti-Malice is not a dish to take lightly. It includes pork shoulder and mixture of peppers which includes chili and habanero. The flavor is divine, but the heat has been known to make grown men cry.

9.Sambal Oelek – Indonesia

It is a surprise that people actually enjoy the challenge of consuming this dish. The meat gains its spice from a rub that is made from chili, bird’s eye, habanero and a host of other native peppers as well. Many often feel their finger burning if not careful while preparing this monster of a dish.

10.Sik Sik Wat – Africa

Sik Sik Wat is one ridiculously spicy dish, often served with a special type of savory pancake called Injera bread, in order to balance out the heat a little.  It is actually a special type of stew made of beef or chicken. The peppers in this dish include fresh paprika and fire hot chilies.

These are some of the spiciest dishes in the world. Many are often included on menus as a challenge and most are never able to truly measure up. Food is part of what makes travelling so exciting. Do not shy away if the opportunity should come up for you to give one of these red-hot dishes a try. It will be a story worth telling for generations to come.

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