Is Toronto, Canada Safe for Tourists?

A shooting late Sunday night in Toronto has left one person dead and thirteen more injured, including one young girl who is in serious condition. The shooting happened on the Danforth, in the popular and posh Greektown district. Prior to the attack, there had been 220 shootings so far in Toronto this year, putting it on track to be the city’s worst in terms of gun violence. The city is also still reeling from a van attack that left several people dead, two high profile murders, and an alleged serial killer.

As if this increase in violence wasn’t enough, the city is also on track to have a record number of homicides this year. All of this is enough to make a cautious or anxious traveler question whether or not the city is still safe to visit. While there are a ton of tourist attractions, an amazing night life, and nightly comedy shows and live music to enjoy, can you get there safely?

Should You Visit Toronto?

Canada is widely known to be a safe country to visit, thanks to its strict gun laws and the lack of political instability or unrest. Toronto itself has consistently been ranked in the top 10 safest cities in the world, and maintains its 81 percent safety rating from SafeAround, a renowned site which measures the safety of major tourist cities. The overall risk for tourists to become victims of crime is low, with the biggest risks being pickpockets in busy tourist areas. Terrorism risks, and the risk of being a victim of violence were both rated low.

Safest Areas

Most of the neighborhood frequented by tourist are considered quite safe, including Yorkville, the Entertainment District, and Harbourfront and Corktown. These areas are well-lit, even at night and are very high traffic-areas. Most major hotels and the best spots to go at night are located within these districts, so you know you can stay safe while still taking in all the major sights.

Areas to Avoid

Whether you are travelling alone or with others, there are a few areas you should be sure to avoid. These include:

  • Jane and Finch
  • Jamestown
  • Regent Park and Moss Park
  • Cabbagetown (only after dark)
  • Kipling and Albion
  • Neilson and Finch
  • Malvern

Despite this most recent shooting, Toronto remains a safe place to visit. The odds of becoming a victim of a crime when in the city are very low, as long as you watch your wallet and stay away from the dangerous areas mentioned above. For the safest, and most entertaining, trip possible, get a hotel in the Harbourfront and Corktown district for easy access to tourist attractions, entertainment spots, and fine dining.

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