Tourist at Pompeii Accused of Stealing Ancient Relics

A woman celebrating her birthday with a trip to Italy was unpleasantly met with harsh allegations of theft and vandalism after visiting Pompeii. Pompeii is one of Italy’s most visited destinations and one of the world’s best preserved archaeological sites. However, issues with over-tourism and vandalism have made it harder to preserve the site and keep up with wear and tear. A 21-year-old British woman got caught up in this issue when Italian police seized her at Pompeii.

Caprice Arnold, was exploring Pompeii with her family during a trip to Italy. She allegedly climbed over a barrier and was spotted trying to remove ancient floor tiles with a sharp tool. A nearby caretaker noticed her cutting the tiles in a restricted area and quickly called the police. The police accused her of causing thousands of euros’ worth of damage and destroying important historical artifacts. They announced that she would likely have to attend a trial and maybe even serve time in jail.

The woman accused of these crimes, on the other hand, says that the allegations made against her are untrue. Caprice says she was seized by the Pompeii caretaker and forced to deal with the police after simply bending down to get a closer look at the floor tiles. Although the police claim she was seen with a sharp tool, Caprice says this is not true and that they didn’t even bother to search her. Not only that, but she explained that it was impossible to effectively communicate with the police, as there was no translator available. Her father and sister back up Caprice’s claims. Unfortunately, with no evidence for either side, it’s impossible to say what really happened that day at the ancient archaeological site. Caprice is still awaiting news from the Italian police regarding a potential trial.

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