Travel Guide 101 – How to Make the Best of a Trip to Bulgaria

Bulgaria is one of those breathtaking countries that we all tend to overlook. Contrary to popular belief, Bulgaria is a thriving tourist destination that is full of life and is just waiting to be explored. Most visitors are blown away by its natural beauty and a pleasantly surprised how affordable it is to arrange a trip there. They are even more stunned when they experience the nightlife in Bulgaria for the first time. A trip there is simply unlike anything you have experienced before.

Low Budget Tips

While Bulgaria is a very reasonably priced destination, a trip to this neck of the woods costs a pretty penny. Thankfully, there are a number of options that help to reduce the cost of your stay in this amazing country. The first tip is to ensure you choose to travel during dates outside of the peak period, which is usually from June to September and the holiday period in the winter. The laws of supply and demand have long determined that airfare and accommodation must cost a lot more during the peak seasons.

There are also lots of budget-friendly options for meals which would result in you not needing to spend more than $30 on all your meals each day. Avoid eating breakfast at overpriced restaurants and eating your breakfast at a local bakery instead. These bakeries usually have lots of options to choose from each day. It would also be a good idea to find accommodation that provides one or two meals for free each day. It would also be good for you to buy groceries and cook a few days out of the trip. These meals do not need to be elaborate or need a lot of preparation time. These meals simply need to help cut down the expense of eating out in a foreign country every day.

Accommodation is another area where huge savings can be realized. Believe it or not, couch surfing is quite popular in this very conservative country. This is a facility where you can find a local host that allows you to use a free space in their home and serve as your tour guides. This is great for two reasons. Firstly, you end up spending a lot less for accommodation. Secondly, you get access to the wisdom of a local guide who is able to help you navigate the various attractions in the area. It’s a win-win situation for both parties since the host benefits from receiving a modest payment for their free space and time.

Choosing your transportation wisely is another way to stretch your limited funds as wide as possible for the duration of the trip. You must strike a balance between affordability and time. Riding the train is the cheapest option at little under $15 to $20, but is also the most time-consuming way to travel. Some train rides take up to eleven hours to arrive at your destination. Riding the bus costs more but it might allow you the flexibility of using your limited travel time exploring all that Bulgaria has to offer.

Noteworthy Attractions

Bulgaria has a lot to offer. The capital city of Sofia is full of life and very dynamic. Visitors are usually thrilled when they visit the various ruins of ancient Roman societies. Sofia is also home to some of the most breathtaking architecture on earth. There are also various museums and restaurants to help you occupy your time this side of town.

Varna was a definite must-see because it is a major tourist area. It is easy to see why that is so after laying your eyes on one of the many beautiful beaches located in Varna. If you are still focused on affordability, avoid the overcrowded beaches and opt for a more affordable coastal beach instead. These beaches are just as beautiful and you will be able to enjoy its beauty in peace.

Hiking through the Rila Mountains is another exciting option that is recommended for any trip to Bulgaria. The peaks of these mountains are the highest points in the Balkans region. The views are unimaginable and indescribably beautiful. This nature lover’s paradise also has a number of breathtaking waterfalls like the Skakavitsa and a number of stunning lakes worth exploring as well. These secluded mountains are also home to the famous Rila Monastery.

In summary, a trip to Bulgaria is well worth the expense. There are a lot off simple options that significantly reduce the cost of accommodation, travel, and food, before and during the trip. This destination is famous for ancient Roman ruins, gorgeous beaches, and amazing architecture. Hopefully, with a little planning, your trip to Bulgaria results in unforgettable memories for you as well.

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