Travel Guides 101 – How to Keep Safe while Traveling

Traveling is a rewarding experience but it has become painfully obvious that it has its dangers. While it is true that it is impossible to prepare for every incident, it is possible to take the relevant precautions that can reduce the likelihood of you getting hurt. Just a little forethought can prevent little incidents from becoming dangerous.

How to Handle Money Safely

Robberies are the number one complaints among travelers. The real issue lies in the fact that many tourists make it a point of duty to flash their cash around. This is the easiest way to alert criminals, especially since many petty thieves and pick pockets are already on the lookout for naïve tourists. When possible, only carry enough cash for that particular event or attraction. Do not keep all your money and bank cards in the same location and store them in those not so obvious places.

It would also be wise to plan ahead and pay for as much as you can in advance before arriving at the destination or attraction. Many companies allow you to make payment via the telephone or online. This eliminates the need to carry a lot of cash all together. While it is good to always carry only the bare minimum required, it is necessary to have a couple bucks with you at all times to cover any incidentals. Please also be mindful that it is also best not to keep your wallet in your back pocket.

How to Meet New Friends Safely

Part of the experience of travelling is meeting the locals and other travelers. This can make the trip that much more rewarding but comes with its own hidden dangers. Just as you would not take a stranger into your home, it is necessary to be cautious when meeting new people in a strange new location. It is best not to isolate yourself with them. Try to stay with tour groups or in well lit areas. If they describe a location that it not part of the tour, speak to the hotel staff first before tagging along with these strangers.

Enjoying Alcohol Safely

Many of the incidents which occur while traveling, often include alcohol. People drink far too much and end up not being able to think clearly. Criminals are always on the lookout for tourists which are too drunk to put up a fight. Drink in moderation, especially if you are by yourself or with people you have just met. It is also good to be wary of strangers that offer to buy you drinks. Walk with them to the bar and collect it yourself or find a polite way to decline.

How to Keep Safe in Your Hotel Room

It is good to be aware of all the emergency exits. Your chances of finding the nearest exit in the middle of an emergency are slim to none. Be sure to keep your door locked at all times and be very careful when opening your door. Thankfully most hotels and guest houses will have a peephole to allow you to see what’s going on, on the other side of the door. You can always politely decline room service if you are concerned about your valuables or your safely.

It might seem like a very small matter but you should also take precautions with your health. Check the sheets and look for signs of moisture or use. Unwashed sheets can carry a host of bacteria. It is also good to take along your own towels if you have the space. Many savvy travelers have also invested in a carbon monoxide alarm. Much like a fire alarm, this device is designed to alarm if it detects dangerous levels of this deadly gas. Incidents of carbon monoxide poisoning are on the rise. It is impossible to detect the gas otherwise since it is odorless.

Wherever you decide to travel this summer, be safe. No matter how beautiful the destination might be, always be mindful that criminals and danger are present at all times. Keep your doors locked and be wary of strangers. Above all else, keep your alcohol consumption to a minimum since having too much to drink is a surefire way to make yourself an easy target.

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