Travel Guides 101 – How to Make the Best of Your Trip to London

London is not only the capital of England; it is also the capital of the entire United Kingdom. The United Kingdom has opened its doors to people from just about every country in the world. The result is that cities like London have become a melting pot of cultures that is like a refreshing drink on a hot summer day. It is truly amazing to see the music, dance, food, and dress of people of various cultural groups come together each day. That is why millions of people use their vacation resources to visit this buzzing city instead of the monotonous sand, surf, and sea destinations.

Where to Shop

The mixture of cultures makes London one very great place to shop. You are bound to find something to suit your preferences. Best of all, the United Kingdom is famous for being sticklers for quality. That means you are more likely to get the best value for money when you do a little shopping there. Don’t worry that the prices will be too high. Despite the high quality of the products, it is still easy to find very affordable options to take home.

What to Eat

The United Kingdom is also famous for being sticklers when it comes to the quality of their food, so it is easy to find great food in London. Organically grown foods, which are foods grown without harmful pesticides and fertilizers are thus quite easy to find. In fact, before any produce can be labeled as organic, even the soil must be tested for harmful substances before the seed is planted. Most people are thoroughly impressed by this. Especially since we are all running from genetically modified foods which have been known to cause serious medical complications.

Another great thing about travelling to London is that your food and drink options are limitless. You can walk along the same street and find restaurants selling traditional British fish and chips, another selling Chinese dumplings and yet another selling Jamaican curried goat. Isn’t that amazing? Your only dilemma will be trying to figure out where to eat next. 

How to Get Around

London is one of the most exciting tourist-friendly destinations in the world. The government has invested a lot of money in ensuring that a trip to London will be the trip of a lifetime. Unlike most destinations, it is quite easy to navigate your way around town because maps and apps are readily available to guide you through the process. You will not need to rent a car because public transportation is pretty reliable and readily available. Plus, you can walk to just about anywhere you need to go.

What to Do

Big Ben is quite easily one of the most iconic British landmarks and thus a must-see for your trip to London. It is especially beautiful at night when the brilliants green and gold lights illuminate this amazing piece of architecture and you can see its beauty from many miles away. A weird fact about this location is that the tower itself is really named Elizabeth Tower and only the bell contained inside it is known as Big Ben.

Next on your list should be a trip to Buckingham Palace. This is the stuff dreams are made of since this beautiful palace is the dedicated home of the monarchy. All UK nationals look to the palace and gather there in times of mourning such as royal funerals and times of jubilation, such as the birth of another royal baby. Plus, with the number of weddings taking place between royals and people not of royal descent, you just never know what could happen on your trip to the palace!

The London Eye is another iconic destination. It is located along the bank of the River Thames. This is recorded at the largest Ferris wheel in all of Europe. If you are afraid of heights, please observe from a distance instead of wondering inside since the structure is over 400 feet high. You will be able to see all of London from the observation deck, which is also the highest in the country.

These are just a few great things to enjoy when you visit London. There is a lot more to see, eat and explore. Each person will see things differently when they arrive, but one thing is certain, you will be thoroughly impressed, and this will be one very unforgettable trip.

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