Travel Tips 101 – How to Travel with a Toddler

Traveling with children is not easy. This is especially so when traveling with cranky, temperamental toddlers. It is, however, good to travel with them because they are likely to remember bits and pieces of the adventure forever. Plus, traveling makes people a lot happier and happy parents are in a much better position to take care of their kids. Here are a few simple tips to make the process a lot easier.

1.Expect the Worst

We have already conquered the very first hurdle in traveling with toddlers; planning for the worst. You win half the battle once you are aware that things cannot go as planned. Focus on the experience instead of all the embarrassing things your toddler does on the trip. Keeping calm has prevented little hiccups from becoming big incidents.

 2.Plan Ahead

Traveling with a toddler also requires a lot more planning. While you and your spouse can get away with recycling clothes for a couple days, your toddler will not. Toddlers are always excited to explore their new environments and thus require even more frequent changes of clothes when on vacation. Carefully select clothing that suit the climate. Toddlers get especially fussy if they are hot. Be sure to also pack tons of extra diapers as well.

3.Choose Wisely

There are a number of hotels that make accommodation for children. It would be wise to budget a little time alone with your spouse so try to arrange your affairs to visit hotels which offer nanny services. Best of all, if you are uncomfortable leaving your child alone with the nanny and the other children, you can opt to have the nanny join your group and babysit at a close distance to put you at ease.

It is also good to choose your hotel rooms wisely. Rooms with balconies offer the best view, but do you really want your hyperactive toddler waddling around near the balcony of your room on the eighth floor? Please also remember to take along the smaller items you would normally use to baby proof your home, like socket plugs and toilet clips. It is better to be safe than sorry.

 4.Always Take Their Medicine

It is a little-known fact that medical emergencies occur far more frequently on vacations than people think. The majority of these incidents occur because people simply do not remember to pack their prescription medication. Sick toddlers take up a lot of vacation time, and such emergencies have been known to lead to fatalities. Purchasing prescription medication in a foreign country not covered by your insurance is also quite expensive. Be sure to also take along a few of the usual over the counter remedies you’ve found helpful like vapor rub, antihistamine, and cough medicine.

 5.Be Mindful of Your Child’s Eating Requirements

You should also bear in the mind the special dietary requirements of your child. Many toddlers are picky eaters. Be sure to call ahead and ask what kind of food is served at that the hotel or guest house. The last thing you want is for your toddler to refuse to eat while on your trip and force you to go hunting down the foods they like in the middle of a strange country. Where possible, try to take along a few travel-sized containers of the food or snacks that they like.

 6.Stay Organized

Customized travel bags for babies are a great idea for your trip. Staying organized helps you to deal with little incidents quickly. Imagine not being able to find one of your toddler’s soothers in the bottom of your travel bag while they have a meltdown in the hotel lobby. Anticipate their needs and neatly arrange your bags accordingly.

 7.Keep Your Toddler Occupied

Double up on the toys that you would normally use to keep your toddler occupied. Toddlers hate being confined for long periods of time. Long flights are especially hard for them. We all know what it’s like to be on a flight with a crying baby. It might be a good idea to download a few hours’ worth of the video that your toddler enjoys watching.

When all is said and done, some parents have no issues when travelling with their kids; others have described the experience as a nightmare. Just remember that the most important tip is for you to start planning long in advance, taking twice as much of their clothes, toys, diapers and everything else, as well making use of any facilities the hotel may have to care for young children.

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