Travel Tips that Could Make or Break Your Vacation – The Cruise Edition

Now that the summer is fast approaching, you are ready to kick your vacation into high gear. You may have been planning and longing for it since last December’s brutal snow storm. More than likely, you have gone on a few vacations trips that did not turn out so well and you are hoping this time will be different because you will be going on a cruise instead. Even if you chose well, mishaps often offer on cruises that can ruin the entire trip. Since there are only a few weeks left before you go off, it is time you learned a few tips that could determine whether you have the best vacation ever or more regrets.

Tip One – Plan your Parking

A cruise is one of those experiences that you remember forever. You are on a huge ship that is built with all the bells and whistles of a five-star hotel. There’s live entertainment, lots of food, tons of other people seeking to have a great time and you travel to many different, yet exciting locations in one trip. Sounds almost too perfect right? One of the main things that could go wrong is not being able to find suitable parking. Most cruises begin in a port that you can drive right into but often does not provide parking; at least not for free. Leaving your car in one of these spots which charge per hour could cost you a fortune. It is best to plan ahead by taking a taxi or having a friend drop you off at the port.

Tip Two – Book at the Right Time

This probably goes against everything you have ever been taught about booking a vacation, but it is best not to book your cruise too long in advance. While deals can readily be found all throughout the year, most discount travel websites have a section dedicated to cruises that have been reduced to more than 50% of the actual price. These deals only occur at the very last minute or just a few days before the cruise is slated to leave port. As you can imagine, a cruise is an expensive voyage and the savvy management team is willing to discount the price in order to have the ship at full capacity which will work out in your favor if you listen to these words of wisdom.

Tip Three – Rewards Programs and Advance Tickets

Planning for your cruise should also include planning for stops in various destinations. Your layover may be anywhere from a few hours to a few days. This could end up ruining your trip if you did not plan for this leg of the trip. When you book your cruise and you are given the itinerary, research each stop and rewards programs that may be offered at that particular destination. That way, you will be able to enjoy the best of each destination without having to break the bank and sometimes, these programs may also exempt you from having to join long lines.  It would also be a good idea to purchase your tickets in advance for any of the attractions you would like to visit at these stops in the cruise.

Tip Four – Roam Wisely

Phone companies make a fortune whenever naive travelers use their phones carelessly overseas. Nothing ruins the memory of a vacation like being hit with a ridiculous phone bill after returning home.  Instead of making calls to your friends and family members back home, it is best to send text messages. Researching cruises and destinations that offer free WiFi is also a good idea. Whatsapp call or messaging via the internet is usually free and thus the obvious choice if you intend to keep your phone bill manageable. Be sure to check your phone every now and then to ensure your data is off, especially since some apps are set to update on their own.

Tip Five – Dress for Each Destination

This one might be difficult since you will only be allowed to take a limited amount of luggage on board but it is crucial that you follow this suggestion. Otherwise, you might end up missing out on great opportunities because you are too cold to go outside or not dressed to manage the heat. Always remember that the destinations you will be visiting may have a climate quite unlike your hometown. Additionally, you may be traveling to different countries with different climates all in one trip. Choosing your clothes wisely is the only way to make the best use of these opportunities. When in doubt, bring a few warm weather items and a few cold weather items. Most cruise ships have facilities to do laundry on board.

When all is said and done, a cruise is a great opportunity to see the world and enjoy life. Make the very best use of it by planning for each stop along the way and for the weather in each destination. Be careful with your mobile phones because roaming charges can wipe out a small fortune and erase all the beautiful memories you made while traveling. And above all else, enjoy every minute of your cruise!

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